Ricky Gervais on ‘end of an era’ with ‘Derek’ (behind the scenes video)

“I think it’s my favorite job I’ve ever done,” Ricky Gervais confesses in a new video featurette (watch below) about “Derek,” which competes in the Emmy races for Best TV Movie, Actor, Writing and Directing after two years as a Netflix regular series.

“Yes, the end of an era,” he acknowledges. “Derek” has been presented over two TV seasons, wrapping up with a special, which follows the same presentation pattern as Gervais’ original “The Office” on British TV.

“For the first time ever I really toyed with a third season just because it was so much fun. It has so many characters. We never run out of ideas, but it really is best creatively to leave on a high, wishing you maybe had done a bit more.”

In 2005, “The Office” special was nominated at the Emmys for Best TV Movie. Three years later, the special that ended Gervais’ series “Extras” was also nominated in the category. Now that the special feature finale of “Derek” is currently in the running, it receives excellent odds from Gold Derby to make this year’s list — 6 to 1 (third place). Gervais is ranked fifth for Best Actor (9 to 1 odds). Last year he was nominated for Best Comedy Actor when “Derek” competed as a regular series.

“Derek” tells the tales of a simple, sweet-natured man who lovingly tends to residents of a British nursing home. In the finale, the facility is used as a makeshift place to stage the modest wedding of his coworker, supervisor and close friend Hannah, who is pregnant by a garbage collector. 

“It’s not the idyllic wedding that a little princess dreams of,” Gervais notes. “It’s a very tight budget. Circumstances mean they can’t do a church and they can’t really have a reception anywhere, so they have to do it here. But it’s still brilliant in its own way and really sweet and uplifting and honest. All of the real things that really matter are still there.”

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