See how you did predicting Directors Guild film nominations

Congratulations to our User Poseidon4 for a perfect 100% prediction rate for Tuesday’s announcement of the Directors Guild film nominations. He actually tied with six other people but wisely used his 500 and 200 point bets for the best overall score of 21,850.

Over 650 Gold Derby readers forecasted this year’s DGA nominees in the feature film category. To see how you fared, log in to your account and under your profile picture click Directors Guild Awards Nominations 2014.

Click here for a breakdown of all top scorers. And to see how we fared collectively predicting each category, click here.

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While almost everyone predicted the three frontrunners of Richard Linklater (“Boyhood“), Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (“Birdman“), and Wes Anderson (“The Grand Budapest Hotel“), the others were not so easy. Clint Eastwood (“American Sniper“) was in the seventh spot. Morten Tyldum (“The Imitation Game“) was way down in the 16th overall position.

Our most impressive score by an Expert was 80% from the trio of Jenelle Riley (Variety), Paul Sheehan (Gold Derby), and Susan Wloszczyna (

The second spot is an eight-way tie between the following Experts with 60% correct: Edward Douglas (Coming Soon), Thom Geier, Tariq Khan (Fox News), Michael Musto (, Tom O’Neil (Gold Derby), Sasha Stone (Awards Daily), Anne Thompson (Thompson on Hollywood), and Peter Travers (Rolling Stone).

Bringing up the rear among the 12 pundits at 40% is Scott Feinberg (Hollywood Reporter).

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Rob Licuria and I were the best among Gold Derby’s Editors with 80% correct this year. Marcus Dixon and Danie Montgomery had 60% right.

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