Will kooky Emmy voters nominate Donald Trump for hosting ‘Celebrity Apprentice’?

What do you think, Derbyites? Will those kooky Emmy voters nominate Donald Trump for hosting “Celebrity Apprentice“? After all, this is his final year of eligibility, since NBC recently dumped him due to his controversial comments about Mexican immigrants.

Our readers have been furiously debating this hot topic in our forums. Join in their fiery fight here after reading a sampling of their comments below.

Memo to NBC: Replace Donald Trump with Piers Morgan on ‘Celebrity Apprentice

Macbeth: Hell no. The secretary outside his office in all the episodes deserves a nomination over him.

thedemonhog: He is less likely to be nominated now. Hollywood leans pretty liberal, except for Kelsey Grammer I guess.

KyleBailey: If they haven’t nominated him up to this point I really highly doubt it is happening after the crap he said. As a super fan of “Celebrity Apprentice,” an Independent, and somewhat defended Trump for a while, I lost a lot of respect for him after the things he said.

bondzzz: If before this, they have not nominated him, why start now? I have not seen “The Apprentice” for a while now but he has never really impressed me much, especially with his ridiculous firings at times.

Ryan Lapierre: No chance in hell. If he gets nominated that will easily be the worst nomination ever in this category.

Matt Noble: He’s seen as a joke. His offensive statements have killed any slim chances he had. When you look at what the Emmys nominate in their reality categories they stray away from trashy reality TV and controversial personalities.

What do YOU think, Derbyites? Be sure to have your say HERE.

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