Memo to NBC: Replace Donald Trump with Piers Morgan on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Now that NBC has fired Donald Trump, let’s play armchair casting director and suggest who we want to replace the controversial mogul on the long-running “Celebrity Apprentice.” My vote would go to the show’s very first celeb champion Piers Morgan, but what about you? Sound off on this hot topic in our forums.

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Every time he returned as one of Trump’s advisors on “Celebrity Apprentice,” Morgan had no problems digging in and asking the tough questions of the remaining contestants. He seemed to care more about making sure the right person won than being likeable, which is key going forward for the aging franchise.

Morgan is tough, he’s fierce and he has a relationship with NBC already, having judged “America’s Got Talent” for the first six seasons. That helps if the Peacock network is looking to hire its new host from inside their already-established family.

While Trump’s outlandish antics both on and off-screen may make him truly irreplaceable, Morgan is at least a step in the right direction.

Who do YOU want to replace Trump on “Celebrity Apprentice”? Our readers have been furiously debating this hot topic in our forums. Join in their fiery fight here.

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