Emmys IOU: Isn’t ‘Mad Men’ star Elisabeth Moss just as overdue as Jon Hamm?

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Everyone talks about how the Emmys have snubbed “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm year after year, but his co-star Elisabeth Moss has been snubbed for the same length of time. And the way Peggy Olson’s experience parallels Don Draper’s in the series (the rise of women in the workplace set against the decline of a certain masculine ideal) is part of what makes Don compelling.

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Moss hasn’t accumulated as many nominations as Hamm, mostly because she isn’t a producer of the series and hasn’t repeatedly guest-starred in Tina Fey comedies, but she’s on her seventh bid, which also includes her work in the acclaimed miniseries “Top of the Lake.” Doesn’t she deserve some of the same overdue outrage that Hamm is getting?

We asked our forum posters. Read some of their comments below, and join the discussion here.

CanadianFan: I think the reason why there is no outrage is because she never had what people perceived to be the best tape in the category. Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks both had submissions with a ton of passionate support.

Emmys2011: YES. YES. YES. I too connected much more with Peggy out of all the characters. She is (by far) my favorite character in the show, and her arc throughout the series was more compelling to me than anyone else’s.

Icky: Moss gave the most consistent performance throughout the series. But with her going lead every season I can’t say she’s overdue.

Milo Kunis: She is most certainly overdue. Regardless of what category, she is deserving. She was the backbone of that series, in my opinion, and should have won in the past.

Echo469: Moss has had some incredible moments over the years at “Mad Men.” A couple years ago, her work was definitely Emmy worthy. But overdue? No!

Boidiva02: Overdue yes. But not in the same way I’d argue Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks are. In fact, I’d even consider Christina Hendricks never winning an Emmy the bigger tragedy so far.

What are your thoughts on Moss? Jump into our forums thread now where film fans are passionately discussing this topic.

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Photo: Elisabeth Moss in “Mad Men.” Credit: AMC/Everett/REX

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