Psst: Here’s how to make the Oscars more relevant

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It’s no secret that the Oscars aren’t as influential as they used to be, much to our dismay. But leave it to our savvy forum posters for trying to come up with some inventive, out-of-the-box ideas (along the lines of Ellen DeGeneres‘ 2014 celeb selfie that broke Twitter) to make next year’s Oscar ceremony more relevant than ever.  Join the live discussion right now!

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Sample comments from our popular movie forum include:

FilmGuy619: Not only should they nominate popcorn movies in the main categories (ones that critics and audiences believe in), but put greater emphasis on them in the actual ceremony. Often I feel they are treated like drunken cousins at a Christmas party thrown out a half hour into the party.

babypook: I’m wondering if they can use social media a tad more in some creative ways? Not that I’m a fan of Facebook, etc., but look at “Sharknado,” for example. Isn’t it a huge hit now because of this?

DamianWayne: Ban musical numbers and bring back those montages they did for the supporting nominees a few years ago for all four acting categories.

ETPhoneHome: I think that they need to make the nominations event more publicized. Don’t just put it on the web or get some network coverage during a morning show. Do a build up to it. Then maybe even throw in something about the actual nominated films, promoting a re-release to the public, and making them want to actually see all the nominated films.

Daniel Montgomery: I think they need to embrace on-demand. The Oscars are the only major award besides the Tonys where the viewing public doesn’t have access to all the eligible material.

Join the discussion now for more ways to reinvent the Oscars. Remember, our forums are full of Hollywood insiders so you never know who is going to read your comment!

Photo: Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar Selfie. Credit: Twitter

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