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Gold Derby really has the Emmy Awards covered. We’ve got editors on the red carpet (Marcus James Dixon), in the press room (Chris Beachum) and at the ceremony (Matt Noble and Zach Laws). Meantime, Daniel Montgomery is running our live webcam chat on the home page while Paul Sheehan prepares our editorial reportage, which will include items by Gold Derby founder Tom O’Neil as well as contributors Charles Bright, Ralph Galvan and Rob Licuria.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON (7:59 pm): “Game of Thrones” KILLS the record with 12 wins. Well-deserved, guys! Now go and win a dozen more next year.

TOM O’NEIL (7:53 pm): No, even with all of these diverse victories tonight, Republicans don’t “get” any of it. All they want are tax cuts for rich people, eviction for immigrants and gays …. etc.

ROB LICURIA (7:49 pm): With all of this diversity – three winning women of color, gays, actors playing transgender roles – are diehard Republicans foaming at the mouth against liberal Hollywood?

MATT NOBLE (7:48 pm): So Hamm gets back at Chandler for losing to his FNL final by beating him with his Mad Men sending. Sorry Samberg.

RALPH GALVAN (7:48 pm): Viola should have thanked the new voting system. #TatianaWasRobbed #TarajiWasRobbed #RobinWasRobbed

ROB LICURIA (7:48 pm): Emmy voters standing up for diversity. Well done.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY (7:46 pm): Viola Davis: Best. Speech. Of. The. Night.

MATT NOBLE (7:45 pm): Samberg is doing fun, great , short and cheeky crosses. He’s steering the ship well!

MARCUS JAMES DIXON (7:45 pm): You guys were crazy for thinking anyone other than Viola was gonna win this. C.R.A.Z.Y.

ROB LICURIA (7:45 pm): Marcus Dixon, you can now take off your wig!!!!!

ZACH LAWS (7:43 pm): Jon Hamm won an Emmy! “Mad Men” broke it’s streak!

RALPH GALVAN (7:38 pm): Another Uzo history: Uzo Aduba becomes the FIRST Netflix actor or actress to win one of the major acting Emmys.

ZACH LAWS (7:36 pm): No matter how many times they tell you to hold your applause till the end, there’s always one screaming lunatic in the audience during the In Memorium.

ROB LICURIA (7:35 pm): The episodes are dead! The episodes are dead! The episodes are dead! Poor Jonathan Banks.

CHARLES BRIGHT (7:33 pm): I normally love you Peter Dinklage, but SCREW YOU FOR ROBBING JONATHAN BANKS OF HIS EMMY!!!!!!

RALPH GALVAN (7:31 pm): Peter Dinklage is the Margo you’ve all been waiting for.

RALPH GALVAN (7:30 pm): Emmys love fantasy this year – please let that equate to TATIANA!!!!!!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY (7:27 pm): Peter Dinklage is one of those litmus test awards for this new Emmy system. Him beating Jonathan Banks may mean episode submissions are well and truly dead.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY (7:26 pm): Most of my 11th-hour switches have paid off: Tony Hale, Uzo Aduba, Richard Jenkins. The only place it bit me so far was picking Anna Chlumsky over Allison Janney.

RALPH GALVAN: *(7:25 pm): Uzo and I both made history today – she with the drama/comedy same-role Emmy and me with being 100% in predicting an Uzo victory or loss.

ZACH LAWS (7:25 pm): Glad I made that last minute switch to Uzo.

ROB LICURIA (7:25 pm): The New Ed Asner.

MATT NOBLE (7:24 pm): Wherever they put Uzo, she wins an award. Next year she’ll win best commercial.

TOM O’NEIL (7:24 pm): After winning for writing and directing, “GOT” better win Best Drama Series – or there will be HELL TO PAY.

ROB LICURIA (7:22 pm): I’m still recovering from the Uzo win. So deserved. So happy for her. Best speech of the night.

RALPH GALVAN (7:19 pm): UZZOOOO!!!!!!

MATT NOBLE (7:18 pm): Of course the Daily show needed the win, they last won three years ago when they won their 349th straight victory.

ROB LICURIA (7:13 pm): I smell another SWEEP.

CHARLES BRIGHT (7:13 pm): Very nervous that Jonathan Banks might lose to Peter Dinklage now because of new voting system.

TOM O’NEIL (7:13 pm): Jon Stewart, “Thank you, academy. You’ll never have to see me again” – that confirms the rumor that he will not submit his “Daily Show” next year even though the final weeks aired enough episodes to be eligible.

MATT NOBLE (7:13 pm): Perhaps our next shock is the game of thrones directors split the vote?

ROB LICURIA (7:12 pm): Woooohooooooo “Game of Thrones” wins writing! Finally. Sorry to Matthew Weiner, the overwhelming favorite for his wonderful “Mad Men” finale. But I’m really happy for the GoT guys.

TOM O’NEIL (7:11 pm): “Mad Men” finale deserved this writing Emmy, but the show was foolish to submit too many episodes. They ended up splitting the vote.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY (7:11 pm): “Game of Thrones” wins WRITING, ties the record, and taking that category feels like it might be evidence of another sweep, maybe?

RALPH GALVAN (7:10 pm): “Game of Thrones” in writing???!!!!!! #SuckItMadMen

DANIEL MONTGOMERY (7:07 pm): Potential takeaway from new Emmy voting system: more sweeps, less spreading the wealth. “Olive Kitteridge” wins everything, “Daily Show” wins everything.

TOM O’NEIL (7:05 pm): Why couldn’t Amy Schumer be troubled to prepare a zingy acceptance speech that could validate all of the gushing lovebuzz she’s got in this town? Now what are folks in Fort Wayne, Indiana to think?

CHARLES BRIGHT (7:01 pm): A bit overproduced for my taste. Some of the bits are dragging on way too long.

RALPH GALVAN (7:01 pm): Yup. Nicely paced and nothing horrifically bad. Still, I would sub some of those gags for acting clips!!

CHARLES BRIGHT (7:01 pm): A bit overproduced for my taste. Some of the bits are dragging on way too long.

ROB LICURIA (6:58 pm): Yeah, the show is working. It’s just the right pace, funny, easy to watch. The clips of departing shows was great. And no Josh Groban musical number!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY (6:55 pm): Now “Inside Amy Schumer” joins Regina King as my favorite winners of the night so far. Awesome!!

TOM O’NEIL (6:53 pm): Emmy show is quite good so far, over all. It’s short on emotion – except for that lovely, teary tribute to departed TV shows. Huzzah! —  we need more of that. But of what we have seen so far tonight, it’s slick entertainment and solid award presentations.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON (6:52 pm): Wow, Jon Stewart actually shows up for once!

RILEY CHOW (6:48 pm): Whoever wins the predictions contest will have the highest Emmy predictions score ever.

ROB LICURIA (6:45 pm): I’ve been harping on about all of the great surprises and shockers we were going to see tonight. So far, the closest thing to a real surprise is the “Veep” writing win (and that wasn’t too far fetched) and Regina King for the criminally overlooked “American Crime,” who many of us had in second or third place. C’mon Emmys! Where are the surprises?

MARCUS JAMES DIXON (6:45 pm): What a lovely tribute to all the shows we lost this year. *Sniffs*

TOM O’NEIL (6:43 pm): #OliveSHITteridge again!!!

CHARLES BRIGHT (6:38 pm): I got Lead Actor wrong but I LOOOOOOOOVE Richard Jenkins so good for him!

TOM O’NEIL (6:30 pm): Official Gold Derby odds are doing VERY well tonight. Even where we’re wrong, we’ve seriously sized up strength of contenders like Regina King, who we have in 3 place out of 6 spots. See the full rundown here.

RALPH GALVAN (6:30 pm): Might want to make it a new rule that Gold Derby never predicts Sarah Paulson. She probably hates us all by now and thinks we’re all #DixonCurses.

CHARLES BRIGHT (6:30 pm): If “Olive Kitteridge” is the example of what female writers and directors are turning out, then I say we need fewer females doing this.

RALPH GALVAN (6:29 pm): Tom is right, they’re just checking names in these categories – not watching a damn thing.

ZACH LAWS (6:27 pm): Finally: someone said it: Emmys can kill.

ROB LICURIA (6:25 pm): Bill Murray. So disappointing. Lazy Emmy voting!

MATT NOBLE (6:25 pm): On comedy acting the voters mirrored the adage something old, something old, something Tambor, something old.

MARCUS JAMES DIXON (6:25 pm): Bill Murray is the worst win of the night. And to top it off, he’s not even there! Ugh, just ugh.

TOM O’NEIL (6:21 pm): Damn. Another “Olive Kitteridge” win – further proof that the voters are not actually watching this crap they’re heeping Emmys upon.

ROB LICURIA (6:19 pm): Great point, Daniel. Hey, Oscars (and film industry) – take note! Women can direct!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY (6:17 pm): Love that women are doing well behind the camera. So far Comedy Directing, Movie/Mini Directing, and Movie/Mini Writing for the ladies!

MARCUS JAMES DIXON (6:17 pm): The Emmys continue to confound me. “Olive” wins writing and directing, as predicted, yet Sarah Paulson loses supporting actress? WTF???

CHARLES BRIGHT (6:15 pm): REGINA KING! My roommate is still looking at me strangely from the yelp that came out of me.

RALPH GALVAN (6:12 pm): YAY REGINA KING!!!! #Southland #PoorSarah

TOM O’NEIL (6:11 pm): How the hell could “Olive Kitteridge” win for WRITING? It was sooooo boring! #IDemandARecount

MATT NOBLE (6:11 pm): So veep wins 3 tonight and transparent wins 2, Comedy Series is on a knife edge!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY (6:10 pm): As much as I LOOOOOVE Sarah Paulson, Regina King may just turn out to be my favorite winner of the night.

TOM O’NEIL (6:10 pm): The annoying Ernst & Young spot is how the academy pays off the accountants, who work for free (because ATAS is a nonprofit org). There’s no way to kill the bit unless the acad decides to PAY them. Fat chance.

ROB LICURIA (6:10 pm): Regina King!!!!!!!! So sorry Sarah Paulson, we do love you. But Regina was a great alternative!!!!

MARCUS JAMES DIXON (6:10 pm): I’m sorry, but Sarah Paulson was ROBBED. WOW.

TOM O’NEIL (6:10 pm): “Amazing Race” juggernaut is now officially kaput. If you’re upset, blame the new system of Emmy voting. Previously, “Race” had an edge because it was so highly stylized as a taped production, which was watched closely by voters viewing DVDs. Now popularity rules. In this case, I don’t object. But don’t you think that right now Ryan Seacrest is FURIOUS that “Idol” never won?

ROB LICURIA (6:05 pm): Ernst & Young bit = no Emmy nominee clips #fail.

ROB LICURIA (6:04 pm): James Corden = Charles Bright’s long lost British twin.

RALPH GALVAN (6:02 pm): “The Voice” = win for the “popular vote”! (but in a good way)

MARCUS JAMES DIXON (6:02 pm): Best Reality-Competition should have gone to “Survivor.” I’ll say it every year until they win.

MATT NOBLE (5:59 pm): Didn’t Kimmell’s mom tell him not to read emmy nominees when his mouth is full?

CHARLES BRIGHT (5:59 pm): Are they playing the theme from “Ghostbusters”? I’m confused about everything now.

ROB LICURIA (5:59 pm): Totally disagree fearless leader! Jill Soloway’s direction of “Transparent” is incredible. And yes!!!! “The Voice”! Terrible show, but I got something right!!!

TOM O’NEIL (5:57 pm): Well, Julia just took our advice to goose Trump in her acceptance speech! Well done, Julia.


RALPH GALVAN (5:53 pm): We could have had acting clips instead of a stupid mug bit!!!

TOM O’NEIL (5:50 pm): Transparent did NOT deserve that Emmy for directing. That’s an outrage.

TOM O’NEIL (5:45 pm): Tambor’s victory is the first ever for a transgender role. Last week Bradley Whitford won for portraying a cross-dresser, that’s different.

ROB LICURIA (5:44 pm): So happy for Jeffrey Tambor. #larrysanders #arresteddevelopment #transparent

RALPH GALVAN (5:39 pm): Thank GOD “Transparent” killed the “Veep” (kinda) sweep. *whew*

CHARLES BRIGHT (5:30 pm): Disappointed Tituss Burgess didn’t win but THANK WHATEVER GOD(S) MAY EXIST that Ty Burrell didn’t win.

TOM O’NEIL (5:30 pm): Attn, Tony Hale: You are now dead to us! With that loooooong list of thank-yous, you forgot Gold Derby? Haven’t you figured it out yet, kiddo? You do a video chat with us, you win.

ROB LICURIA (5:29 pm): First shocker y’all: Veep wins writing!!!

RALPH GALVAN (5:28 pm): #veepsweep!!!!

MARCUS JAMES DIXON (5:28 pm): Aaaargh! I had “Veep” winning writing until two days ago, when I switched to “Transparent.”

ROB LICURIA (5:20 pm): Samberg has always been best when he’s doing video, right? The opening video was fantastic. The monologue was hit and miss.

RALPH GALVAN (5:20 pm): Janney had an excellent submission so so far. Submissions: 1, Margo Martinadle’d: 0

CHARLES BRIGHT (5:18 pm): The monologue was soooooooo iffy but the bits about Louie being jazz and dudes “boning to ‘Eye of the Tiger'” were priceless!

TOM O’NEIL (5:16 pm): Loved Samberg’s music montage intro – Amazing that he even figured out a way to rhyme “Grace of Monaco” … As for his opening monolog, I think we’ve now got proof that Andy and producers are reading Gold Derby by quoting the Ed Asner stats.

CHARLES BRIGHT (5:05 pm): Surprised Samberg didn’t insert a joke in the song about “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” getting snubbed.

ROB LICURIA (5:04 pm): The opening bit was HILARIOUS!!! Samberg, good start. Now keep it up!!!! Best joke: shows about wives!!!!!!

MATT NOBLE (4:59 pm): Nominees are starting to take their seats, I’m checking out the bar. No-one is drowning our sorrows yet!

ROB LICURIA: (4:58): Last minute red carpet summation: Kerry Washington wins Best Dressed!

RALPH GALVAN (4:16): Emmy voters should be embarrassed seeing Gina Rodriguez on stage tonight only as a presenter and not as a winner. But hey, at least she’s there.

TOM O’NEIL (4:10 pm): Tune in to our live webcast pre-show on the home page — click here — where you can participate by adding your comments and questions in the chat room.

TOM O’NEIL (4:07 pm): Marcus, Matt and Zach are live Tweeting — follow our Twitter account here.

TOM O’NEIL (4:05 p.m.): Check out these nifty behind-the-scenes pix taken of the empty Emmy press room by Marcus – click here.

TOM O’NEIL (3:37): Looks like Amy Schumer just survived a real TRAINWRECK. Hey, babe: Buy a COMB!

CHARLIE BRIGHT (3:35 pm): Laverne Cox looks STUNNING!

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