Emmy contest prize will be shared by three top champs

An important change will be made to how we conduct our contest to predict the Primetime Emmy Award nominations. Instead of bestowing $1,000 to the one participant who comes in first place, the amount will be split among three players with the best performances. Prizes will be bestowed as gift certificates to be redeemed at Amazon.

First place( Win) — $500

Second place (Place) — $300

Third place (Show) — $200

All three winners will be chosen by the same measures used in the past. First criterion is highest percentage of accuracy, then ranking is determined by most game points. For examples, see our leaderboards to past award prediction events. See our contest rules for more info.

In order to compete for the prizes in our current contest, log in here and click on the box marked “Emmy nominations.” Then scroll down the page, click on a category box and begin logging your picks. You can change them as often as you wish up till a few hours before they are unveiled around 5 a.m. PT on July 16.


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