Emmys mystery: Why are there so many repeat winners for Best Comedy Series?

In the forum topic in which I asked why Emmy voters are such snobs, DS0816 posted the following reply which merits its own discussion:

“This is really a topic not so much specifically about “Modern Family” but about numerous series winning three or beyond top Emmys…while others, also deserved, never won. It’s been going on, at least in comedy, for the last five decades.”  

Indeed, in the 63 years since 1952 — when the Emmys first gave out an award for Best Comedy Series — only 32 different laffers have won. Among the repeat champs is “Modern Family,” which has owned this award for five years running and looks like it will make it a record six this year. 

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DS0816 breaks down those comedies that have taken home this prize at least three times each as follows: 

“The Dick Van Dyke Show” won Best Comedy Series four times in the 1960s.

“All in the Family” (four) and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” (three) won a combined seven of the 10 years that were the 1970s.

Beginning in 1979 with the freshman season of “Taxi” and leading to the third (of four) Emmys for “Cheers” in 1989, these two series combined for having won six of those 11 years in Best Comedy Series.

In the 1990s, “Cheers” won its fourth Emmy (1991) and “Frasier” won its first five seasons (1994 to 1998).

In the 2000s, we had some breathing room in the first half of the decade but ultimately experienced seeing “30 Rock” win its first three seasons (2007 to 2009).

And, every year thus far in this current decade of the 2010s, the best-comedy Emmy has been awarded to the first five seasons of “Modern Family.”

When you get down to it with the last eight consecutive years of 2007 to 2014, there have been only two individual series which have been awarded the Emmy for Best Comedy Series.

This is more about voting patterns or, as I have referred to it, recalling my take on last year’s nominations, “rubber-stamping.”

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