Emmy ceremony reactions: Cheers for Jon Hamm & Viola Davis wins, boos for ‘AHS’ snubs, both for ‘Game of Thrones’

In Hollywood, our forum posters are respected and feared in equal measures for their strongly worded opinions. They did not hold back when watching the Emmy Awards, which sparked strong responses in our forums — everything from “wow, they actually got it right this year” to “ho-hum” to “What were they thinking.”

Below, just a small taste of the delicious dish they served up over the three plus hours of the ceremony. Read more and have your say here.

DRAMA SERIES (“Game of Thrones”)
24Emmy: Yeah baby.

DRAMA ACTOR (Jon Hamm, “Mad Men”)
GoMe91: JAnd a standing O to top it all off!

rrussaw: Best tape or not, glad for the Jon Hamm win!!

DRAMA ACTRESS (Viola Davis, “How to Get Away with Murder”)
BamaEd: I thought she was magnificient on this show!! WooHoo!!

DamianWayne: Viola just hit that whole room with the reality check they’ve needed for years. Now watch it be ignored.

DRAMA SUPPORTING ACTOR (Peter Dinklage, “Game of Thrones”)
TWNickPeek: Peter Dinklage?????? Ugh!

Hardys: What a travesy. I hate the Emmys.

DRAMA SUPPORTING ACTRESS (Uzo Aduba, “Orange is the New Black”)
24Emmy: Very emotional acceptance speech by Uzo Aduba. Those are always good.

DRAMA WRITING (David Benioff & D.B. Weiss, “Game of Thrones”)
Cobalt Blue: “Game of Thrones” winning WRITING I never would have predicted.

Pieman1994: Well, at least isn’t “Modern Family,” which is a HUGE improvement.

COMEDY ACTOR (Jeffrey Tambor, “Transparent”)
Halo_Insider: Tambor finally wins!!!!!!

COMEDY ACTRESS (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Veep”)
The Cheshire Cat: At this point Julia Louis-Dreyfus winning an Emmy is a part of the natural order like the sun rising in the morning.

Jw79bull: Tituss was robbed

Kevin: So far, I think they’re actually watching the tapes. Tony Hale wouldn’t have happened without his stellar tape, imo.

COMEDY DIRECTING (Jill Soloway, “Transparent”)
AMG: “Transparent” v “Veep” is ON!!

MOVIE/MINI ACTOR (Richard Jenkins, “Olive Kitteridge”)
24Emmy: Nice. I didn’t predict him, but Richard Jenkins deserves this Emmy.

MOVIE/MINI ACTRESS (Frances McDormand, “Olive Kitteridge”)
BamaEd: Frances McDormand is now 3/4 of the way to an EGOT. I love how she always sounds like she just doesn’t give a rip. You go Frances!

PoweR: Frances was like “Oh, forget the boring long speech. Let me take my Emmy and go!”

MOVIE/MINI SUPPORTING ACTRESS (Regina King, “American Crime”)
Marcus Snowden: Damn. Regina King. REALLY didn’t expect that. What does Sarah Paulson have to do to win an Emmy? I mean, seriously?

Damian Wayne: Zoe Kazan must be pissed. Only one who hasn’t won from “Olive Kitteridge.

VARIETY SKETCH SERIES (“Inside Amy Schumer”)
GoMe91: I am bawling! Go Amy!!

VARIETY TALK SERIES (“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”)
JackO: Hope these wins means “The Daily Show” is going out on top.

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