Comedy Guest Actress Emmy submissions: Christine Baranski, Joan Cusack, Tina Fey …

At the Emmys, nominated actors and actresses must choose one episode to submit to voters that they believe represents their best work from the past TV season. While lead and supporting performers select an episode following nomination, guest stars must name their submissions on the Emmy ballot. Thus, we already know what episodes voters will be required to watch. Scroll down to see these entries for Best Comedy Guest Actress.

One of the nominees is from a new show; the rest played their roles in more episodes of a past season.

Pamela Adlon, “Louie
Her submission “Bobby’s House” marks her second of three appearances as Pamela this season, bringing her series total to fourteen episodes.

Official ballot description: “Pamela Adlon plays Pamela, Louie’s sometimes girlfriend, who helps Louie after he gets hurt in an altercation. By reversing roles, she takes Louie on an unexpected journey.”
Gold Derby odds to win: 10/1

Elizabeth Banks, “Modern Family
Her submission “Fight or Flight” marks her only appearance this season as partier Sal and fifth overall for the series.

Official ballot description: “Mitch and Cam throw Sal a belated baby shower and they are blown away by how motherhood has changed her, but has it really? Gloria has Jay teach Manny how to defend himself against a bully, but when things backfire it seems the real bully might be someone else entirely.”
Gold Derby odds to win: 33/1

Christine Baranski, “The Big Bang Theory
Her submission “The Maternal Combustion” marks his only appearance as neuroscientist Dr. Beverly Hofstadter this season and her sixth appearance of the series. She has now been nominated for her role three out of five eligible seasons.

Official ballot description: “Personalities collide when Sheldon and Leonard’s mothers finally meet.”
Gold Derby odds to win: 9/1

Emmys 2015: Complete List of Episode Submissions

Joan Cusack, “Shameless
She appeared in the majority or all of the four past seasons of the show and was nominated each time, but only appeared in three episodes of the fifth season. Her submission “Milk of the Gods” is the season premiere.

Official ballot description: “Sheila is getting fed up with Sammi and Chuckie coming into her house whenever they please. When Sheila discovers that Sammi has had sex on her pristine sofa and has used her sex toys, Sheila goes ballistic and changes the locks.”
Gold Derby odds to win: 15/2

Tina Fey, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Her submission “Kimmy Goes to Court!” marks his second of three appearances as attorney Marcia in the first season.

Official ballot description: “Tina Fey plays Marcia, a less than competent prosecutor who loves long showers and reading USA Today in bed.”
Gold Derby odds to win: 8/13

Gaby Hoffmann, “Girls
Her submission “Home Birth” marks his second of two appearances as pregnant Caroline Sackler this season. She was in four episodes last season.

Official ballot description: “Caroline is Adam’s formerly estranged older sister who has taken up with Laird, Hannah’s downstairs neighbor. Her unorthodox and volatile relationship with her brother has complicated her pseudo-friendship with Hannah.”
Gold Derby odds to win: 20/1

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