Which genre/sci-fi/fantasy series will rule the Emmys this year (apart from ‘Game of Thrones’)?

We already know “Game of Thrones” is almost certainly going to add to its Emmy haul this year with nominations for Best Drama Series, at least two of cast and a bunch of creative arts nods.

But what else, when it comes to the many buzzworthy genre, sci-fi and fantasy shows on TV this past season have a shot at raking in more than a couple of random creative arts nominations this year?

Is the “Outlander” buzz just hype or could it make an impact?

Will “The Walking Dead” actually get its due, after a standout season?

Is “Penny Dreadful” a possible spoiler?

Do Emmy voters care at all about “Orphan Black“?

What about “Gotham“? “Marvel’s Daredevil”? “Bates Motel“? “12 Monkeys“? “The Leftovers“?

If ‘Game of Thrones’ and Jon Hamm don’t win Emmys, our forum posters QUIT!

We asked our forum posters to weigh in with which genre drama series are most likely to join “Game of Thrones” as Emmy players this year. Read some of their suggestions below and then CLICK HERE to add your own to the conversation. And be sure to make your predictions for Best Drama Actress below. 

Lord Freddy Blackfyre: “Bates Motel” should get two leading acting nominations. “The Flash” really should be contending for multiple nominations, including Directing. “Daredevil” is the only show from Netflix that should be in contention for Drama Series, Actor, Supporting Actor (Vincent D’onofrio) among others.

KyleBailey: “Outlander” and “Penny [Dreadful]” could get costume noms. “[The] Walking Dead” will just get makeup … “[The] Leftovers” will get opening music and sequence.

Denis: “Daredevil” should be nominated for writing and directing for the episode “Shadows in the Glass,” guest actress for Zoe Saldana guest actor for Glen Scott, supporting actor for D’Onofrio.

Tyler The Awesome Guy: I’d like to be “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” It had an amazing second season!.

nkb325: “The Leftovers” was my favorite drama from the last year and while this cycle has just started “Penny Dreadful” season 2 has made a strong claim to being my favorite drama this coming season, so I can only hope one of those does. There’s an outside chance that Leftovers will get some very deserved supporting acting nominations, a couple of techs, and maybe if were lucky a writing nom. I’d say that show probably has the best bet.

thedemonhog: “The Leftovers” is the only genre drama other than “Game of Thrones” that I am predicting for any nominations in the telecast categories and I have it down for the music and main title categories as well. It might even win a couple.

ViceWicked: “Bates Motel” deserves more than just a Vera Farmiga nod. Freddie Highmore is so deserving as well. Not to mention Art Direction, Costumes, Cinematography, and Music. I would also like Joe Russo to be nominated for directing an episode of “Agent Carter” along with Hayley Atwell for Lead Actress, and a couple of tech nods.

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Guest2014: None. Emmy hates sci-fi genre programming even more than the Oscars do.

JOSE: “Penny Dreadful.” I would love they got (and they deserve) Directing to [Juan AntonioBayona; Cinematography, Costumes, Art Direction, Hairstyling, Make-up (Prosthetic); Music, Main Title Music, Main Title, Film Editing, Lead Actress Eva Green; Casting, Writing and Visual Effects. At least 14 nominations.

JOHN: “The Leftovers” might get some tecnical nominations, and probably and acting nomination for Carrie Coon. “Bates Motel” might get a Best Drama Actress nomination for Vera Farmiga. Universal campaign[ed] really hard for her this year. “Penny Dreadful” might get some techninal nominations too, especially in costumes. Maybe voters finally saw “Orphan Black;” if they did Tatiana Maslany is in.

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