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Empire’ first season’ – Click here to discuss

rstang00: Currently – aside from “The Goldbergs” and “Shameless” – there isn’t a show on the air I look forward to more than “Empire.” I can’t really pinpoint why I like this show so much – maybe it’s Taraji P. Henson – but it’s just ridiculously good/entertaining.

espnfan: “Our Dancing Days” was an excellent episode overall and had several highlights, especially the family scene near the end where Luscious tells everyone he has ASL. That may have been the most emotional scene to date on the show and I thought it was done well. I also have to give another shout out to Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard. They really do have incredible chemistry as screen partners.

GraysWay: I am in LOVE with this show! Henson and Howard are killing it!!! Thank GOD this replaced AHS as my Wednesday night tv event 🙂 Henson is very well on her way to the nomination…and then some!

vinny: This show never ceases to amaze me. It’s pretty amazing.

Atypical: Living for this episode “The Lyon’s Roar”! The Cookie/Camilla shade (“What can you do, Yoko? Can you play the tambourine?”/”You look like you have a long tongue”), “fake-ass Lena Horne,” Jamal’s coming out, the White Party (I want to go to there), all of it. I don’t really see the point of having the oldest brother around, but at least they gave him some showy scenes tonight with Vernon, his wife (the green face mask lol!), the dinner with the couple, and the gun scene in the recording studio). The only thing that didn’t ring true was Lucious being distrustful of Dre b/c his wife was white?

Sasha: Love me some Black Dynasty! And Cookie… what can I say that hasn’t already been said? She absolutely rocks!

Emmyloser: The show is just getting better. I love the nouveau Dynasty vibe it has sometimes. It did seem out of left field that suddenly the white wife is a problem (with Dre’s white wife and any boyfriend Jamal would have being a problem for Lucious, I guess Hakeem’s winning by just having a cougar who’s old enough to be his mom?), but when they tied it into Lucious’s idea that Dre has always been trying to be accepted by white people, it made more sense to me.  Don’t get me wrong, Lucious is RIDICULOUS, but I kind of see it.

Kelly Clarkson album ‘Piece by Piece’ – Click here to discuss

GraemeONeil: DANG. “Take You High” is CRAZY good. I’m gonna listen to that song 20 times today. 5 songs in and it’s clear this is going to be one of the best albums of Kelly Clarkson‘s career. Definitely better than “All I Ever Wanted” and “Stronger”. Hopefully she can make this album sell cause it deserves to.

Tye-Grr: “Tightrope” is GORGEOUS. I really like “Let Your Tears Fall” too, but “Tightrope”, man… Wow. This album is shaping up to be her best. Vocally, she is just beyond… She sounds like she’s entering a new phase in her career, and I love it. Her vocal performances on these new songs are giving me life.

moviefan61794: I’ve listened through a couple of times and… I just don’t think the album is doing it for me. There are a couple of songs on here that I love: “Invincible,” “Someone,” “Run Run Run,” and “Nostalgic” are probably my favorites. There are others I like. The rest? I find them forgettable. Maybe that will change over time, but right now, I’m not excited to buy the album in full like I anticipated I would be because I do love Kelly (saw her live in January 2012 and she was BEYOND), but right now the album isn’t fully working for me.

JB: I absolutely LOVE this album. I think it’s her best since “Breakaway”…. Standouts for me are “Take You High”, “Tightrope”, “Piece by Piece”, “Someone”, “Invincible”, “Run Run Run” and “Heartbeat Song”… I have high hopes for it.

mikeboy898: “Take You High” definitely sounds like it could be big.

Who will host the 2015 Emmy Awards on Fox?
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ETPhoneHome: I would be very happy with Billy Crystal, Andy Samberg, Louis C.K. or Mindy Kaling. It would also be cool if two hosted in tandem. Samberg and Kaling would be an interesting pairing, albeit unorthodox. Anybody but Seth MacFarlane.

taloson: Samberg seems like the obvious choice and probably who they’ll go with. It would definitely be cool if they went with Crystal though. His tribute to Robin Williams last year was perfect and he could bring a level of class and legitimacy to the proceedings.

KylieistBoi: Why not Will Forte? He is got a new show on FOX and if they announced him as the host they’d help him get a nomination.

Michelle Fairley: Whoever the host is, I’m glad that Fox is going to produce this years show. They always make great tapes for each nominees and not just read their names like other networks(eww NBC).

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