Watch 10 in-depth Emmy chats with Movie/Mini Actor hopefuls: David Oyelowo, Ricky Gervais, Evan Peters …

Did you miss our exclusive Google Hangout chats with 10 of this year’s Emmy contenders for Best Movie/Miniseries Actor? We’ve listed them all below for your viewing pleasure, including our interviews with Richard Jenkins (“Olive Kitteridge“), David Oyelowo (“Nightingale“), Bill Paxton (“Texas Rising“), Ricky Gervais (“Derek: The Final Chapter“), Timothy Hutton (“American Crime“), David Suchet (“Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Curtain, Poirot’s Last Case“), Nathan Lane (“The Nance“), Evan Peters (“American Horror Story Freak Show“), Jason Isaacs (“Dig“) and Benito Martinez (“American Crime“).

How many of them do you think will earn Emmy nominations?

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Richard Jenkins was inspired by his mother in “Olive Kitteridge”: “The more I worked on it, the more I thought of my mom. It wasn’t intentional. My mother was very kind; she was filled with kindness. It just kept coming back to me that this is kind of like my mom. She was a very sweet, patient, understanding woman. Henry kind of became her.”

David Oyelowo on taking a big creative risk with “Nightingale”: “I love this, but is it achievable? Can you have one guy in a house, who starts out from the offset having committed this heinous crime, be someone who we as an audience are going to stick with for an hour and a half?”

Bill Paxton on why his role in “Texas Rising” was so special to him: “Once in a blue moon, you get to play somebody you really wish you could be. Sam Houston was a man for all seasons, and a real man’s man. Great ethics, great integrity, great sense of humor, a great character.”

Ricky Gervais on the importance of comedy: “Humor exists to get us through life. That’s the only reason it’s there. So I defiantly take on taboo subjects. I want the audience to go to places they haven’t been before. I take them by the hand through a scary forest and they come out the other side.”

Timothy Hutton reflects on the end of his character’s journey in “American Crime”: “Russ tries really for the last time. Something about that scene and the way we approached it … showed so much of two people’s disconnect, their history and finally in a way a kind of forgiveness that happens at the end of that scene … it ends in an embrace and she says ‘let go.’”

David Suchet on his method for inhabiting the famous title detective in “Poirot”: “I would go back to her stories. My impression had been that Poirot was a bit of a joke, a caricature, someone to be laughed at. I discovered when I began reading the short stories and the novels a character I had never seen before, more dimensions, someone I could smile with because he was eccentric, but he was not a fool.”

Nathan Lane on filming “The Nance” for “Live from Lincoln Center”: “They came and saw the play and were very moved by it. They felt it was important that the play be shown across the country. It is an interesting story of that time period, 1937, in New York political life and gay history.”

Evan Peters on playing Jimmy Darling in “American Horror Story: Freak Show”: “You know, I wrote a list of all the horrific things that happened to Jimmy and I thought I’d read them off real quick.”

Jason Isaacs on the appeal of “Dig”: “It’s got politics in it. It’s got religious intolerance and extremists in it, you know, the ends justify the means. It’s got mystery and sex. Really what it’s got most of all is skillful storytelling. They know how to engage you.”

Benito Martinez on turning his character’s world view upside down in “American Crime”: “These are rules that will get him by and solve all his problems, and of course when these problems happen, these rules don’t apply, these rules don’t work. Being completely honest is not the right way sometimes.”

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