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Atypical: I’m usually less interested in episodes that don’t feature any sort of Kings Landing intrigue or Arya’s adventures, but at least the continued Jorah/Tyrion pairing managed some nice scenes and forward momentum on the way to Daenerys. I loved the dragon scenes with Daenerys showing her power to the family leaders. The Jon Snow arc has great potential in the coming weeks (I hope) with the alliance with the Wildlings. I’m ready for Stannis and co. to storm Winterfell and take down the godawful Boltons, but I know it won’t be that simple

vinny: Is it completely terrible that I loved the scene where the dragons basically turned one of the leaders into a BBQ…… oddly made me laugh more than it should have. Anyways, solid episode but I hated Ramsey this week more than ever. My grade: B+

FrozenBarbie: Loras is too pretty not to survive. ????  Can’t wait for Stannis to take down the Boltons (hoping, not from book knowledge), though Lord Bolton’s voice is swoon-worthy, and hope he lives, just so I can hear him speak. But Ramsey needs to die a slow, agonizing death, as his body parts are painfully removed, bit by bit. Nothing less will do.

DominicCobb: Maybe I’m just a Tyrion fanboy but I love everytime he’s on screen, so I don’t mind his long journey. Still, I think people are overcomplaining about it. They haven’t spen that much time with him – he got what, three minutes at the end of the episode? And it was pretty exciting. And, unlike Bran, he’s actually an enjoyable presence, so it’s much easier to endure his long travels, in my opinion. I’m really liking the narrative cohesion so far this season. There’s no exciting hook this time, like Joffrey’s death, but everything feels very “calm before the storm,” so I’m hoping they’re leading up to big things.

Reis: Exactly! I am really enjoyed this season so much, because is more clean and well structure than the others. Remember me the first season. And yes, expect big things in the final four episodes. The storm is coming.

AMG: Looking forward to next week’s episode with the return of Diana Rigg as Olenna Tyrell! Plus, we will back with Cersei, Arya and the Martells.

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PianoMann: The landscape of this Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical category is very different than the Tony category, though. Michael Cerveris, who I think is the frontrunner, wasn’t eligible here since Fun Home was eligible last year, so he was totally out of contention. Overall, I agree with you that Fairchild may be gaining momentum and should be taken more seriously than, say, James, but I’ll still stick with Cerveris for now. 

SamEckmann: That leading acting category could still go to any of the three, but this certainly bodes well for Fairchild. As PianoMann mentioned above, the nominations look much different for the Tonys. And I think all three enter the big race on even footing. At least right now. What may hold him back is that he is a new face to many in the community. Whereas James and Cerveris are two of the most respected actors in the business.

OperaJunky: I DO think that Fairchild is a real threat to steal the lead actor trophy. As Sam said before, Fairchild’s neophyte status might hurt him when compared to Cerveris and James… but then again, maybe not. We’ve seen younger, newer faces beat out established veterans more than once–Nikki M. James beating out Clark, Lupone, and Benanti; Steve Kazee beating out Norm Lewis and Danny Burstein; James Corden beating out Lithgow, Langella, Hoffman, and Jones. It’s not common, but it does happen.

What is the best episode for Julianna Margulies at the Emmys?
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RyanShowers: Winning Ugly or Sticky Cotent will probably end up being what Julianna Margulies submits. They are both showier, more emotionally effective showcases for her. But I think her performances are in Mind’s Eye and Oppo Research are more intriguing pieces of acting. Mind’s Eye is unique, something that voters will remember whether they like it or not. It’s the most graphic investigation of character voters will see in this category. Also, Mind’s Eye allows Margulies to run the gamut of “baity” emotions (yelling, crying, asserting power, vulnerability, ect.).

oopschoice: She doesn’t have one this year. She has an overall great performance in Oppo Research, even though it’s not a baity enough submission. Anyway, I’m more likely to predict that both she and Claire Danes will get snubbed this year.

Awardzilla: Ok I think its a bit wild to assume Margulies is back in. Yes I know, she won last year! But Drama Actress may as well be renamed bloodbath. Lest we forget the last time the site pre-empted Emmy nominations, when Tom O’Neil was discussing tapes with her during season 4 it didn’t pan out. So maybe don’t risk it in discussing.

Icky: “Oppo Research”. “Mind’s Eye” and “The Debate” have almost zero bait factor. “Winning Ugly” is too silly of an episode.

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