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RyanShowers:  Who else loves the how the writers are putting Claire/Wright to good use this season? Everyone talked about her character’s expansion in season 2, but to me Claire felt just as hidden as she was in season 1, bar Chapter 17. The writers must have started planning this season after Robin Wright won the Golden Globe. Claire is actually relevant to the plot in season 3, and Wright has equal screentime to Kevin Spacey. I love it!

KylieistBoi: Just watched the first 4 episodes, it is going really well so far. My favorite one is the Russian centered episode, with Pussy Riot. With 4 episodes in I think only Michael Kelly has a submission, but probably he won’t be nominated.

Pieman1994: House of Cards is a show that wants to stand up to the dramatic titans of television: The Wire, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, The Shield, Mad Men, etc. By any estimation, House of Cards has many of the ingredients that are so common in those series. It’s dark, unflinching, cynical, stylish, and grandiose. Then, it takes all of it, and turns it up to eleven. Up front, I believe that the third season of House of Cards is easily its best. The novelty of the first season was nice, but wore off long before the next set of episodes arrived. The second season, though I’m guessing a fun exercise for the writers to figure out how they were going to put Frank in the White House, is mostly banal, because Frank just wins at everything. House of Cards‘ third season might not be perfect, but it improves quite a bit.

JB: As for me, I’m four episodes in and I’m loving it… I already see Emmy noms (and potential episode submissions) for the Drama Series (chapter 28), Kevin Spacey (Chapter 28), Robin Wright (chapter 28) and Michael Kelly (chapter 27), plus Guest Actor for Lars Mikkelsen who was fantastic and so deviously charming and hateful (chapter 29).

moviefan61794: Robin Wright killed it this season. Operating under the belief that Kate Mara earned her Guest Actress bid last year since voters watched the first episode of the season, I think that greatly benefits Michael Kelly, who was close to earning a personal nomination from me last year, and could certainly sneak into the Emmy race this year — he’s earned it. Spacey, of couse, is great and with some of the major competition gone, he is certainly a threat to win.

Irishmovielover4ever: Seriously some of the people on this forum are as blind to the worthiness of the show as the creators are to the show themselves. I’ve watched the entire season and most of it was a slog inspiring nothing but yawn’s from me. Frank continues to be such a problem for the show and the dynamic between him and Claire has always been a positive for the show but this season the material between the two was quite hard to stomach for how badly it was set up and ultimately paid off in such a laughable ending that on any other show would have been dramatically affecting.

GraemeONeil: I’ve finished episode 9, and this season is very different. I’m surprised that the Underwoods aren’t really “conniving” anymore. It’s just about them trying to get stuff done as the first couple. The season did have a slow start, and I don’t think it should win any Drama Series award (the competition is so tough you have to be AMAZING in order to really deserve it, and The Good Wife is the only show that has really reached that level for me this season.

Will Oscars return to 5 Best Picture nominees? – Click here to discuss

taloson: I have mixed feelings on this. I do like the prestige of only having five nominees but we’ve gotten a lot of quirky, interesting Best Picture nominees since they expanded it. I doubt movies like Her, The Tree of Life, Inception, Toy Story 3, Winter’s Bone, Django Unchained, Selma or Whiplash would have been nominated if there were only five nominees. At the same time, it’s pretty easy to rule out like 5-6 nominees each year in terms of the win (last year was only realistically between 12 Years, Gravity and American Hustle, this year only Boyhood and Birdman) so those extra nominees can feel like filler.

patmcb: I might be in the minority, but I don’t like this! I love having more nominees. Makes the race more fun in my opinion. I also like smaller films being able to get in, like Whiplash this year which was awesome. This year, the BP nominees were mostly small films that very few members of the general public saw (with the exception of American Sniper). So, saying that expanding the category isn’t helping TV ratings isn’t really relevant to 2015’s telecast. Maybe they should’ve nominated Gone Girl more if they wanted better ratings (and because it would’ve been deserved).

KyleBailey: If they are going to have this meeting, go back to a solid 10. I wrote a very heartfelt reasoning why I think this really explaining why I think 10 is important and 5 is not and 5-10 is most certainly not. Best Picture should represent the year in film. 5 can’t represent a year in film if all you are going to do is nominated bio pics and heavy dramas like in 2008 with Slumdog Millionaire, Frost/Nixon, The Reader, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Milk representing a year that had The Dark Knight, Wall.e, Changeling, Doubt, Gran Torino, and so on as well.

espnfan: But what do you do in a year in which there are not truly 10 best picture worthy nominees?  Chances are there are going to be years in which there are not ten films worthy of winning a best picture Oscar.  Heck most years there are not as every year we usually end up with only one or two films in contention for the grand prize.  Having ten nominees is not going to change that fact.  If anything, that only guarantees that we may have unworthy contenders who only serve as filler nominees.

Carol Channing: Nooooooo!!! I don’t want it to return to five nominees! I LOVE how it’s an unpredictable number now. I love trying to figure out what will get in and what won’t. Please, please, please, Academy, noooo!!!

Downton Abbey’ fifth season finale
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nkb325: Just finished catching up, watched the 7th episode of Downton Abbey last night. This season has definitely been a major step up from the incredibly boring 4th season. I was at least interested this season and was looking forward to each next episode. That said, it was still majorly frustrating in parts and no where near the 1st and 2nd season. Laura Carmichael has been KILLING it this season. I doubt she has any chance of getting nominated but she’d be deserving, she’s been absolutely heartbreaking in like every single scene she’s had (drama supporting actress is becoming a bloodbath, in my own personal ranking at least).

Sasha: This is currently my favorite comedy series. Why comedy series? Because even though it’s supposed to be “drama”, it makes me laugh so hard which is something I cannot say about supposed “comedies” such as Girls or Looking or Nurse Jackie or Shameless or Orange is the New Black or The Big Bang Theory. Can it switch up categories? It would give Modern Family run for its money. Oh, and Dame Maggie Smith is a frontrunner in either category. She’s on fire this season!

forwardswill: I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the final episode. As it turns out it was fast paced and packed as Downton (as much as i enjoy it) rarely is. The whole cast were fantastic in this episode for me and I would particularly like to highlight Lesley Nicols‘ performance which I thought was very moving. This has been a great season of Downton for me as, even if the fifth episode was a disappointment, the last three episodes have been superb.

thedemonhog: Smith can win in a weak field (read: typical for this category) with what she has.  They could have been argued as dark horses last year, but Dockery and Carter have nothing this year. Laura Carmichael gave the performance of the season, but so did Elizabeth McGovern on this show two years and the Emmys did not care. Froggatt got raped last season and goes to jail this season as part of the fallout, so she has some bait, although not enough to take down Smith if she does not mess up her submission like last year. It could return to writing. Last season was the worst and this one was markedly better.

FreemanGriffin: I absolutely loved the fifth season – every single moment of it. The producers did a superb job, it is brilliantly directed and written, and deserves a ton of Emmy nominations. I am not saying it will get all the nominations it deserves – the academy loves really terrible drama shows nowadays. If it were up to me, all of the Supporting Actresses would be from Downton Abbey: Laura Carmichael, Joanne Froggatt, Phyllis Logan, Elizabeth McGovern, Maggie Smith, and Penelope Wilton. Any one of these would be a deserving winner! (I also loved Raquel Cassidy, Sophie McShera and Lesley Nicol). 

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