Will Hugh Laurie FINALLY win Emmy for ‘Veep’ after so many losses for ‘House’?

Could Hugh Laurie finally win an Emmy this year? He joined the cast of “Veep” this season as Tom James, the vice presidential nominee in Selina Meyer’s election campaign. But by the time Laurie took the role, he already had plenty of experience as a candidate. He received six nominations for starring in the FOX medical drama “House” and a seventh for producing the series, but he never won.

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Laurie’s “House” character, an irascible medical sleuth with a drug problem, may have alienated Emmy judging panels with his snark when they viewed his sample episodes. They often prefer their stars to be either heroic (Kyle Chandler in “Friday Night Lights,” for instance) or full-blown monsters (James Gandolfini in “The Sopranos,” Bryan Cranston in “Breaking Bad“). Garden-variety jerks don’t fare quite as well; just ask Steve Carell, who could never win as the often insensitive Michael Scott in “The Office.”

“House” never won any Emmys for acting, but “Veep” has already won four (three for star Julia Louis-Dreyfus and one for supporting actor Tony Hale). That alone might be good news for Laurie. And while being unlikable hasn’t been a problem for this show’s cast of cynical politicos, Laurie might have an advantage there too. He’s more huggable than most of his co-stars, playing a competent, charismatic foil to Louis-Dreyfus’s bumbling commander-in-chief, so perhaps this kinder, gentler turn is what Emmy voters have been looking for from him all along.

But despite consistent support for “Veep” and Laurie’s strong track record earning nominations, he’s an underdog for Best Comedy Supporting Actor according to our racetrack odds. He ranks seventh in the combined predictions of our Experts, Editors, Users and Top 24 Users (those two dozen folks who racked up the best scores among the thousands predicting last year’s Emmy nominations). He gets 25/1 odds overall, but many of our predictors think we’re underestimating him.

None of our Top 24 Users expect him to win, but 11 of them are betting on him to be nominated: Psychadelicboy33, alexaalaw, Ashkan, oopschoice, JOSHUA, AndMore, BurnBook, Writer12, mjroberts97, Duke Silver and TV12.

Of those users, it’s worth noting that Duke Silver finished second among the thousands who predicted Emmy nominations last year, so you might want to strongly consider his picks before settling on your own.

They’re not alone. Of our seven Editors, Rob Licuria predicts Laurie will be nominated, while Matt Noble actually expects him to win.

As of this writing, more than 500 users also say he’ll earn a bid, as do three of our Experts: Lynn Elber (Associated Press), Matt Roush (TV Guide Magazine) and Glenn Whipp (LA Times).

But currently leading our predictions is two-time Emmy-winner Ty Burrell (“Modern Family“), who is the defending champion. He gets 7/2 odds based on support from five out of 12 Experts, four out of seven Editors, 19 of our Top 24 Users, and the strong majority of all Users.

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Of the four groups making predictions at Gold Derby, the Top 24 Users did the best forecasting last year’s Emmy nominations (78.55%) compared to the Editors (77.68%), All Users (74.78%) and the Experts (74.64%). 

Who do you think will win Best Comedy Supporting Actor? Make your prediction below using our easy drag-and-drop menu. Average Gold Derby users just like YOU turn out to be our smartest prognosticators, so it’s important that you give us your predictions. Your picks influence our User racetrack odds, which also factor into our official combined odds.

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