Watch 8 in-depth Emmy chats with Movie/Mini Actress hopefuls: Queen Latifah, Jessica Lange …


Did you miss our exclusive Google Hangout chats with eight of this year’s Emmy contenders for Best Movie/Miniseries Actress? We’ve listed them all below for your viewing pleasure, including our interviews with Maggie Gyllenhaal (“The Honorable Woman“), Queen Latifah (“Bessie“), Jessica Lange (“American Horror Story: Freak Show“), Felicity Huffman (“American Crime“), Frances O’Connor (“The Missing“), Kelli Garner (“Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe“), Anne Heche (“Dig“) and Allison Williams (“Peter Pan Live“).

How many of them do you think will earn Emmy nominations?

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Maggie Gyllenhaal on getting feedback from across the political divide for “The Honorable Woman”: “ people who were very far over … on the spectrum of the conflict … and I was getting feedback from those people all the way through the show airing, and I was amazed by how they could hear the show even though they were very far over on both sides.”

Queen Latifah on her personal connection to “Bessie”: “I don’t think my ego ever got as out of control as Bessie’s did, but being humbled in different ways, getting up and dusting yourself off, partying too much and hanging out too much, sleeping with the wrong person maybe. All those things I’ve kind of been through.”

Jessica Lange on exiting the “American Horror Story” franchise: “I will miss the camaraderie that you naturally have working in a repertoire company. You’re working with the same actors for four years, knowing their rhythms, knowing they know yours. There’s something wonderful about that.”

Felicity Huffman on playing a grieving, racist mother in “American Crime”: “She’s damaged goods … she’s damaged by her past … People ask me how do you play someone like that. I think as an actor you always have to find what you can endorse. As a person, and you know Barb is dedicated to being as good a mother as she can be.”

Frances O’Connor on “The Missing” and the wealth of great female roles on TV: “I just feel that there’s so many great roles for women at the moment. Especially on television. It’s a very exciting time to be an actress in television.”

Kelli Garner on taking on the challenge of playing iconic Marilyn Monroe: “I was really terrified, but I was sick of not taking challenges because I was afraid to fail. All of the pieces were there to get out of my own way and try to do what I love to do at the best of my ability”

Anne Heche wanted to know as little as possible while filming “Dig”: “My character is at the head of the FBI in Israel and I didn’t want to know [anything else] because it’s really difficult for me to hide if I know that somebody’s a bad guy and I’m supposed to pretend they’re a good guy. So I literally did ask them to not share the secrets with me.”

Alison Williams on how an earlier production of “Peter Pan” inspired her to be an actor: “It occured to me that that was a job you could have, that you could be that one human being that plays different people, puts on different costumes. So It was definitely part of what fueled me to become an actor. Because that just looked like the most fun in the world.”

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