Jonathan Tucker on taking big risks with villainous role on ‘Justified’ [Exclusive Video]

“You want to come in there and do something great and take big risks. You also don’t want to screw up anything” says Jonathan Tucker about his villainous guest turn this season on “Justified.” In a video chat with Gold Derby (watch below), he admits, “I was a fan of the show before I got the call to come be on it, which was a total trip and a thrill. It’s a show that’s based on extraordinary craftsmanship of story and cast.”

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Tucker joined the drama series for the final episodes of its six-season run on FX. He played the quite talkative young henchman Boon to drug kingpin Avery Markham (Sam Elliott) who was obsessed with gunplay and hats. He also couldn’t wait for his showdown with the main character of U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant).

Regarding the colorful and creative dialogue of the modern western, he says, “That Elmore Leonard cadence is quite beautiful, however I didn’t appreciate how hard it was. I found it endlessly challenging to get those words out of my mouth in that order. The dialogue is so good, and the beats are so specific, that you want to get every single word exactly as it is out on the page.”

The character Tucker played quickly became a fan favorite even though the show was wrapping up the storylines of all the regular characters in those episodes. As he assembled his ideas of where this diabolical man originated, he wondered “what brings somebody to a place where they’re so damaged that they turn to violence or turn to places where people might consider creepy”? He adds, “Boon is a damaged guy. There’s no father figure to speak of, so you see how he gravitated towards someone like Markham, certainly not the kind of mentor you’d want for somebody in deep need of spiritual sustenance.”

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In addition to this guest arc, Tucker’s regular job is on the DirecTV drama series “Kingdom” where he plays Jay Kulina, a mixed martial arts fighter who has a drug and alcohol addiction. Of that role, he says, “He’s a great guy who is very much let down by his family and a bit by society, too. He has a very pure good heart. I mean he’s an addict… usually an addict protects his addiction over anything else.”

Watch our complete interview below with Tucker. Do you think he can follow other “Justified” actors Jeremy Davies and Margo Martindale to Emmy wins?

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