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Marcus Snowden: An amazing “Justified” finale. And that last scene was everything. According to Walton Goggins, the tears shed during that scene was real. I’m also glad that Ava, Boyd and Raylan made it out alive.

FrozenBarbie: I just knew that was what Boyd was going to say at the end, and it made me tear up. A perfect ending. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. Walton Goggins deserves to be nominated, and deserves to win, in my opinion. Sam Elliott and Mary Steenburgen deserve noms in supporting, too. And as long as I’m dreaming, this show also deserves to be nominated in writing.

FNLFan89: Great finale. Defintely did not go as I expected. I thought Boyd was a goner, but seeing the final scene between Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins makes me glad I was wrong. All the callbacks to the pilot were great as well, and I’m very happy that I watched it again before seeing the finale. And perhaps best of all, Boon dies and is stopped from killing Raylan thanks to Loretta.

Gabriel: Very sad to see this show end. At first I wanted more action, then I realized they were clearly going for a more quiet finale, and so I respected that. The final scene with Raylan and Boyd was so good. I loved the various callbacks to the pilot and earlier seasons. Ellen May and Limehouse’s cameos were cool. I’m glad the main three survived; it would have been devastating to watch Ava in particular die.

Halo Insider: Great work. Just great work all around. Also, Graham Yost did a pretty fun interview afterwards. Apparently, the hat that Raylan ended up wearing after his shootout with Boon was done as a tribute to Elmore Leonard, as it was closer to the design that he had envisioned for the character.

probablyROB: I am deeply affected to an embarrassing extent. I loved the finale. The last line really cut me. I am going to really miss this show.

Denis: The last scene was just a masterpiece.

2015 MTV Movie Awards reactions – Click here to discuss

Guest2014: The show could’ve done better. Amy Schumer was fantastic, but the choices were found to be very wanting. They really, REALLY missed Interstellar last night. Was their own version of the People’s Choice in who won. Things will get better in 2016, when you’ve got the Star Wars revival, Mockingjay 2 and Avengers 2. For starters.

KyleBailey: Oh come on. These awards are supposed to be fun. That’s why you have Best Kiss and Best Fight awards. They are just fun little awards to honor great moments in films for the MTV crowd. But I do honestly give them credit for the last five years with blending big Oscar movies and popular ones. Was The Fault in Our Stars the best movie of 2014? No. Was it better than Whiplash? No. But it was a culturally big movie for the MTV demo and a good one (at least it isn’t like, as Jason Sudeikis put it, MTV = More Twilight Victories anymore.

NateDogg: Wow! I seriously never expected The Fault in Our Stars and especially Neighbors to do this well. I guess I’m just not in touch with MTV voters anymore. I am glad to have predicted Bradley Cooper‘s win against the odds, but I really underestimated a lot of other wins, especially for The Maze Runner and Meryl Streep for Best Villain.

Vincelette: Sure there are obvious winners and deserving winners for their categories, but you can’t have extremely clear winners like everything Fault in Our Stars took and then have a (not seen until then) Bradley Cooper win Best Actor….Why? How? Yes this movie made 300 million dollars or more, but did these girls go see it? Of course not. The winner was Ansel Elgort, he wasn’t there, why bother? Cooper just happened to be around (he was seen at Coachella earlier) and showed up, so he gets the award. Chris Pratt clearly wasn’t there and couldn’t be there, he would’ve won in Cooper’s place considering he has Jurassic Park coming out.

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Victor Cruz: It’s a shame there’s not enough support for this show at the Emmys because today I had the opportunity to watch one of the best episodes I’ve seen on television this year. Bates Motel Season 3 episode 6, “Norma Louise” it’s the best episode the show has to offer. The whole cast gives great performances, but Vera Farmiga takes it to another level. Her performance not only deserves to be nominated but win. This season has been excellent so far, hope more people start watching.

RodinClase: Give the Emmy to Vera Farmiga now. Episode 6 was beyond outstanding. Freddie Highmore and Farmiga gave outstanding performances. It is also one of the best written episodes I’ve seen from the show so far. There’s some great female characters on TV right now but I think Vera went beyond greatness with this episode.

espnfan: I have to agree with everyone else that “Norma Louise” was an outstanding episode. This may have been the best episode the show has done to date. It was also a daring change of pace/format for the show, sending Norma out on her own and keeping Norman and Dylan together the whole episode. This has to be the most Highmore and Theriot have shared the screen and they delivered beautifully.

Sasha: Okay, just hand the Emmy to Vera Farmiga and be done with it. Seriously, she was out of this world! I know Queen Tatiana will never be nominated so this season I’m all for Vera to get nominated. When it comes to masterclass in melodramatics, Taraji P. Henson and Viola Davis have nothing on Vera. She owns them so much it’s not even funny. Oh, and Freddie Highmore more than deserves his nomination. He’s much better than the guys he’ll be overlooked for. Yes, I’m looking at you Jeff Daniels, Kyle Chandler and Hugh Bonneville.

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