3 great Emmy longshots to bet on: ‘Jane the Virgin,’ ‘Black-ish’ and …

Hey, Derbyites: Do you want to do better in your Emmy predictions this year and win our $1,000 grand prize? Then I urge you to re-consider three potential Emmy contenders for Best Comedy Series as you go about making or updating your predictions: “The Last Man on Earth, “Jane the Virgin” and “Black-ish.”

These three series currently all have lowly 100/1 combined odds at Gold Derby, which means you’ll earn more points if you predict them and end up being correct. Don’t forget, if there’s a tie amongst users for the highest prediction accuracy, the tie-breaker will be determined by the person who has the most points. That’s where it becomes advantageous to place your 500 and 200 point bets on categories where you’re predicting longshots to be nominated.

Emmys MVP: Kristen Schaal is secret weapon in success of ‘The Last Man on Earth

Due to a new Emmy rule, there will be seven nominees for Best Comedy Series and Best Drama Series this year instead of the normal six. That’s great news for freshmen series or under-the-radar returning shows looking for their chances in the Emmys spotlight.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of the three series that I think deserve better than 100/1 combined odds at Gold Derby:

“The Last Man on Earth”


With an amazing cast of recognizable faces (Will Forte, Kristen Schaal, January Jones), high production values, hilarious writing and clever directing, it’s bound to get a bunch of Emmy nods, but can it score the big one?

The last time a Fox show won Best Comedy Series was “Arrested Development” in 2004, so this network is about due for another victory. And doesn’t “The Last Man on Earth” kinda have the same original feel at that prior champ?


“The Last Man on Earth” may simply be too high-concept for the older members of the TV Academy to embrace.

It only has a score of 72 at Metacritic. While that’s not too shabby, it’s nothing compared to the Metacritic score of …

Jane the Virgin


With an impressive score of 80 at Metacritic, “Jane the Virgin” is one of the highest reviewed new shows of the 2014-2015 season, comedy or drama.

The Golden Globes are hardly a reliable precursor for the Emmys, however, it’s hard to ignore the fact that they nominated the show as Best Comedy/Musical and also honored star Gina Rodriguez with a much-deserved win for Best Comedy Actress.


Two letters: CW. If “Jane” or Rodriguez were to break through, it’d be the first major nods in the entire history of this young-skewing network.

“Jane the Virgin” had to fight for its spot as a comedy series due to a new Emmy rule that says 60 minute shows are dramas, which begs the question: Are there any conservative Emmy voters out there who’ll still hold the running time against it?



Gold Derby editor Daniel Montgomery is predicting “Black-ish” to be nominated because of its top-notch reviews and ratings. Why should you listen to Daniel? Because last year, he came in third place out of more than 2,500 people who predicted the Emmy noms.

TV Guide’s Matt Roush praises the show, writing “ABC’s provocative and very funny ‘Black-ish’ [stands] out for its broad and biting satire of an uneasily post racial society seen through a very modern-family prism.”


If Emmy voters were going to honor a family comedy on ABC, why wouldn’t they just continue rewarding five-time champ “Modern Family“?

Does “Black-ish” have enough notoriety or broad appeal to squeak by other Emmy stalwarts like “Modern Family,” “Veep,” “Louie,” “The Big Bang Theory” or “Silicon Valley”?

Emmys rule hour-longs ‘Glee,’ ‘Jane the Virgin’ and ‘Shameless’ can compete as comedies

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