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Atypical: Great premiere. I liked how it was primarily focused on setting up the current milieu and catching up with the characters again. No “time to wrap it up” doom and gloom just yet, though Don is certainly in a weird place mentally and emotionally. There were also some notable scenes here for Peggy, Joan, and Ken (get it, Ken!). Very cool bringing back Maggie Siff for some season 1 Rachel realness. Elizabeth Reaser was great too. Love having the gang back one last time!

Halo Insider: Ray Wise. Back on Mad Men. Talking about Pop-Tarts. Thank you, Matthew Weiner.

DominicCobb: This new ep is curious. It’s good of course, but I’m not quite sure what they were trying to accomplish. Seemed like not much happened? Maybe what we saw will turn into something bigger, but I’m somewhat surprised we’re still not really seeing any sign of an endgame. I say somewhat because I have any aching suspicion the conclusion will be no real conclusion at all, but who knows. Bring on the last episodes.

Icky: By Mad Men premiere standards it was pretty solid, probably the best non “Public Relations” first episode. It just didn’t feel like the first episode of seven. It’s really bad that they basically had to restart and kill the momentum. It particularly hurts a show like this, which doesn’t have a revelation that could kick these final few episodes immediately into gear like a Breaking Bad. And it feels more long in the tooth and has even less episodes to work with than The Sopranos in its final days.

adamunc: Very good return episode. The production was meticulous (though I couldn’t quite place the exact time frame yet?) and the “return” of Rachel was haunting. Plus that kick-ass elevator scene for Peggy and Joan. And it was fun to see Ken Cosgrove twist balls at the agency. Roger’s Colonel Sanders ‘stache was killing me.

Marcus Snowden: Very good episode. I knew that Roger had a mustache this year, but it was still startling to see it at first glance. Rachel’s return was pretty unsettling, to say the least. The elevator scene with Joan and Peggy was awesome. Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss have such great chemistry together, and this scene reinforced that point. I legitimately want to see Joan and Peggy have a fistfight before this show ends.

thedemonhog: Mad Men might have been away long enough for me to forget and forgive. Watching it the last couple of years felt like a chore, but I was quite interested in the goings-on of “Severance” and did not mind at all the lack of urgency. The dialogue was intriguing in that every line was so rich that I was keenly paying attention to decipher it all, yet the entire thing toed the line of being overwritten. Jon Hamm looks younger and healthier on the show than he has in a few years.

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Aunt Peg: I have just watched Clouds of Sils Maria and thought it was very good with Kristen Stewart & Juliette Binoche grounding the whole film beautifully together. They have terrific chemistry which is also essential for the film to work. I would have no objections for Stewart or Binoche receving Oscar nominations for this but it’s simply not the type of firm the Academy tends to embrace. However, an LA or National Society of Film Critics win would not be out of the question.

Zayner: I don’t see how The Globes can resist nominating her. They LOVE nominating stars. That nom alone could be enough momentum for her to get the Oscar nom.

Vincelette: Well, the Globes pretty much changed in the last few years, I believe. They resisted to nominate Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie for either “Unbroken” and “Maleficent”. I think they realized how lame it was to nominate people like Johnny Depp in “The Tourist” or “Alice in Wonderland” and so on. They seem to be cool now.

Eddy Q: Clouds is not “last year’s news” to Academy voters, who generally don’t obsessively look up films on the internet like we do. Some of them might not even know that it premiered at Cannes or that Kristen Stewart won a César for it. If they see it at all, they’ll come to it fresh.

ibbster: Contender for minor obscure critics groups, perhaps. International Cinephile Society and Chlotrudis Awards voters will probably nominate her. Beyond that? Highly doubtful.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ first season
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TomHardys: No seriously, this is the best comedy I’ve seen in a long time. First of all it’s fresh. The concept is unique and interesting and keeps us craving more. Second it’s like a second cousin of 30 Rock. The soundtrack, the very specific humor, the physical comedy… It’s just great. It has its flaws, sure, but I blame that on the whole NBC/Netflix debacle. You can see the jokes getting sharper and faster as the show settles in Netflix and I’m pretty confident it will only get better now that it found its home.

Daniel B: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has the type of character that if Ellie Kemper is nominated, the pilot episode would benefit her the most. Her character is in an unusual circumstance, and if voters don’t see the pilot episode, they could be confused about what “mole women” are, and why Kimmy is so oblivious to current events and naïve.

mikeboy898: I agree regarding Ellie Kemper submitting the Pilot if she’s nominated. She had more outwardly funny episodes (like “Kimmy Kisses a Boy!”) but the pilot gives voters who aren’t familiar with her as a character an opportunity to see what the whole show’s founded upon, plus I’d say it’s her 2nd or 3rd best episode at least. You can’t really pick an episode for Tituss Burgess, although obviously the one with Pinot Noir was just fantastic. Jane Krakowski was phenomenal in the party episode – she dominated every scene she was in. She was also fantastic in the finale, though had less screen time. Jon Hamm is getting nominated 100%, he was weird and hilarious.

BenitoDelicias: Episode 6 was perfect. I couldn’t stop laughing with the Pinot Noir song and Titus as a handyman. And that cardboard laptop and the whole cold open from Episode 8 was…whatever comes after “amazing”….Beyoncé.

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