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Modern Family’ episode ‘Connection Lost’ – Click here to discuss

nahborghi: This was one of the best episodes of “Modern Family” the show has ever done. Creative, innovative, funny, and with the heartwarming moments in place. I think this is this year’s Directing winner, and I can see a Writing nod coming along too. Also, this is Julie Bowen‘s tape. “Moms who raise their daughter’s baby” made me laugh way too much.

Junk: That was a brilliant half-hour. I was worried the execution of this would be sloppy but boy was I wrong. Emmy #6 in the bag! Emmy #3 for Julie Bowen cha-ching! Another Directing Emmy for Steven Levitan. And all would be totally deserved.

laurlnhardy: What a brilliant half hour of comedy. So clever, so innovative, and yes so modern.  This show has not lost its step. How they’ve maintained such a consistency after 6 years is beyond me.  Sure, we occasionally get some clunkers. But for every clunker, we get a few gems, and this is one of them. What a masterful combination of writing, directing, acting, and editing! I can’t imagine any other comedy coming up with an episode as inventive as this, and so well-executed. The jokes were flying at the viewer in so many ways that I couldn’t keep up: verbally, textually, visually, it was all-encompassing. There was so much happening that I’m sure it bears repeat viewings, just to catch every nuance.

ETPhoneHome: A terrific episode, even though I felt the wrap up at the end was a bit too unbelievable. I felt they could have had a better explanation for all of it, but I’m fine with it considering how great the rest of it was. Not sure if this could be a competitive tape for Bowen, just because of how different it is. A series tape absolutely, and it certainly was a showcase for her, but will the voters be focused on he acting? Personally, I doubt it.

vinny: That episode was great. Easily Bowen’s Emmy submission for sure. A+ 

Michelle Fairley: I have doubts about the story as well but all the lines was wonderful wonderful wonderful. I don’t know if this is the first show trying to something like that but Levitan definitely should be recognized for his work. Every second of it is well-advised. I laughed off my ass when Claire started to surfing on the internet when Gloria handle the phone and loved the way they foreshadowed Haley’s whereabout on one of the Claire’s missing pages. Claire is my favourite character by far but I think Julie Bowen has been overreacting everything and starting to become steorotype like Sofia Vergara and Eric Stonestreet. I know this can be necessary sometimes since this is a sitcom but the reason Ty Burrell‘s and Jesse Tyler Ferguson‘s characters outlast than the others because of their characters persuasiveness.

Is Kristen Stewart an Oscar contender next year? – Click here to discuss

Macbeth: Kristen Stewart may not have the best reputation, from her perceived bland personality to her mediocre performance in the Twilight franchise. Yet there is no denying that she is turning her career around with some incredibly interesting projects. She just made history by becoming the first American actress to win a Cesar Award for what I have heard is an amazing breakthrough performance in The Clouds of Sils Maria. Can she perhaps enter into the Oscar conversation with this film, or with any of her upcoming films?

Eddy Q: The US distributor for Clouds of Sils Maria is IFC Films which got nominations for indies such as Y Tu Mama Tambien, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Transamerica, as well as this year’s Boyhood, Two Days One Night and Finding Vivian Maier. There’s a nine-year hiatus from 2005-2014 in that bunch, and Clouds’s US release is in April way ahead of the start of awards season, but there’s promise. It’ll depend on how well the film/Stewart’s performance does critically and commercially in the US, and a career-turnaround narrative for Stewart will probably need to be established, intentionally or not.

Vincelette: Go Kristen! Take that Oscar! “Welcome to the Rileys” “The Panic Room” “Still Alice” “Clouds of Sils Maria” “Into the Wild” “Camp X-Ray” “On the Road” “Adventureland” – all good films and performances by Stewart. People love to hate her for some reason, but I think considering her age, she has a pretty impressive career.

Tye-Grr: She had rave reviews out of Cannes with real talk of her taking actress there in a surprise, then she goes on and wins the Cesar becoming the first American actress to do so in the process; by all accounts, yes, she’s the first major contender. Now, if this all actually pans out is another question entirely.

patmcb: Just finished watching. The film as a whole is beautiful and would make an excellent Oscar contender, though I doubt it will get much attention beyond Kristen Stewart (who gives her best performance to date in my opinion). Juliette Binoche is outstanding as well and this would be awesome for her to get in for. Unfortunately, I don’t think either will contend at the Oscars or any other major U.S. awards for it due to the release date

Parks and Recreation’ series finale
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tylerbeals1: I loved the finale. I thought it was so funny, and so touching. I definitely had some tears (but I’m a sap so that’s no surprise). I’m shocked the flash forward worked so well. My only issue was for most of the forwards they didn’t even attempt to age them, but that didn’t really detract from the episode. I think it should definitely be in the mix for a writing nomination and hopefully win as it paid the entire series and these characters justice.  I loved it. I can’t believe we are living in a post Parks and Recreation world.

st jimmy: I think it was a solid finale. I’ll want to watch it again. It wasn’t what I was expecting but I think it worked in the end. It focused on the characters we care about so fixing the park swing was really just a filler to tie it all together. I actually expected it to be more emotional than it was. What I loved was all the characters staying the same throughout the years. I think April and Andy having a kid was my favorite! And it was never addressed, but it was pretty clear that it was secret service at Gary’s funeral!

Zayner: Not a very good acting submission for Amy Poehler but writing wise, very well done. I’m so sad this amazing show is over. Leslie Knope will always go down as one of the Best TV characters ever!

DominicCobb: Great finale. Got a bit choked up at the end. The nod to Harris pushed me over the edge into full out crying, been pretty sad about that for the last few days. I still can’t believe the show’s over and he’s gone.

ThemeParks4Life: Good finale, but not great. A solid B. There were some things I would have cut from the episode like Craig’s glimpse (what has he done to deserve that?), and I think the flow of it was a bit choppy. However, seeing the gang all back together was great, and there were definitely some good jokes.

surpriselover: I hope they submit this is the writing category at the Emmys BUT let me be clear THIS SHOULD NOT be Amy Poehler‘s submission on the actress side that should come in the two part William Henry Harrison and Leslie and Ron. Poehler’s problem has never been her submissions but her competition’s strength…..I just hope NBC does a better job campaigning for her than they did for Carrell.

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