Should Emmys expand number of acting nominees from six to 10?

In our TV forum, user Tony_DiMeo wonders, “I really think there are so many worthy actors that it seems to me that there needs to be more than six nominees. I really think just like the Oscars did in 2010, the Emmys need to add to the number of nominees for acting. Am I crazy, or am I making a good sound argument?”

Our readers have been furiously debating this hot topic in our forums. Join in their fiery fight here after reading a sampling of their comments below. And be sure to cast your ballot in our poll as well. 

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tennisfreak: On the drama side, sure. Comedy? No.

Javier V: I have to disagree with your argument for increasing the number of Emmy nominees. My main fear is that by doing this, it’ll dilute the overall product of the Emmys.

Atypical: I think we’re inching toward 10 nominees each for Comedy and Drama Series in the next 5-10 years.

KyleBailey: I think all the acting and “picture” categories need 10. Will voters watch all the submissions? Probably not, but maybe actual deserving contenders will pop up that never get nominated, only talked about.

FNLFan89: The very nature of awards is to be exclusive. The Emmys should not turn into an “everybody gets a trophy” ceremony. Only a select few actors and shows recieve nominations each year, and it should stay that way for the Emmys to remain prestigous.

AMG: There should only ever be 10 nominees if they introduce a “Program of the Year” category, where dramas, comedies, miniseries, variety, reality, documentaries, etc. are all eligible.

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