Last year’s Emmys contest champ says ‘Modern Family’ should watch out for ‘Veep,’ ‘Silicon Valley’

Savvy user Andrew Pierce, aka PierceUNC, beat all other Gold Derby predictors last year when forecasting Emmy nominations. He outscored thousands of users by scoring a jaw-dropping 80% accuracy across 23 categories. So, before you make your predictions in our Emmy nominations contest, it would be wise to consider his savvy picks.

Emmy predictions slugfest: Upsets by ‘Veep’ and ‘Game of Thrones’? (Video)

Last year, the 25-year-old correctly predicted five out of six nominees for Best Comedy Series, Best Comedy Actor and Best Comedy Actress, so we asked him to dish his predictions for this year’s nominations, which will be revealed on July 16.

“I really do think that ‘Modern Family‘ is going to win yet again,” he says about the top comedy contest, “but I actually think there are three shows that could win.”

Why he thinks “Veep” is a serious threat:
“‘Veep’s’ season four was not its best, but it has, every season, increased its nomination total, proving that it is rising in popularity within the industry. Like ‘House of Cards,’ it has the political factor going for it, and I think that it is the next in line if they are finally ready to move on [from ‘Modern Family,’] which I don’t see happening.”

Why we also shouldn’t underestimate “Silicon Valley“:
“After its Critics’ Choice TV Award win, ‘Silicon Valley’ has moved into my third slot. Its second season was great; it was really funny and kind of thrilling (especially towards the end), and it, as well as ‘Veep,’ have [the support of] HBO, which is an Emmys juggernaut.”

Why “Transparent” has the buzz, but probably not the laughs to win Best Comedy:
“‘Transparent’ is so timely, and features such great performances, but like so many of the dramatic comedies that have been nominated before it, the fact that it is not really funny, I think, hurts its chances to actually win. Remember, while they reward dramatic performances in comedy, so far they still like their Comedy Series winners to actually make you laugh.”

Why he’s rooting against “Modern Family,” even though he’s still a fan:
“I don’t hate ‘Modern Family.’ Actually, I really love the show. It is funny, has a great cast, and I continue to watch every week. But it is time to move on. The show has gotten its due, and there are too many quality programs right below it that are also worthy.”

What shows he’s rooting for instead:
“The underdog I wish would get some love is ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’ It has a great cast whose chemistry is electric. I know it is a goofy show, but it is one of the few comedies on television where I laugh out loud constantly throughout the episode. While so many networks and entities are moving towards more serious comedies, it is nice to see a fresh and funny show on television that doesn’t try to be anything but exactly what it is: a hell of a lot of fun.

“I would also like to see some love for ‘Black-ish,’ the best new comedy of the season.”

There’s time yet for Pierce to change his mind, but as of this writing, his predictions for Best Comedy Series (ranked in order of their likelihood to win) are:

1. “Modern Family”
2. “Veep”
3. “Silicon Valley”
4. “Transparent”
5. “Louie
6. “The Big Bang Theory
7. “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Click here to see the rest of his current predictions, and click here to enter or edit your own picks.

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