Emmys slugfest flashback: Watch our editors’ un-edited reactions to 2014 nominations

With Emmy nominations less than a week away, we thought it would be fun to re-release our un-edited post-nominations editors slugfest from last year. Scroll down to see Tom O’Neil, Paul Sheehan, Chris Beachum, Daniel Montgomery and Marcus James Dixon battle it out over whether “Breaking Bad” would prevail for its final season and if “Modern Family” could really win its fifth trophy in 2014. Spoiler alert: They did.

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Before the proceedings began, O’Neil announced the percentage scores for each of the editors in attendance: Montgomery led with 79%, followed by Dixon at 77%, O’Neil at 76%, Beachum at 75% and Sheehan with 74%. “All of those are really admirable scores,” remarked O’Neil.

“I think the way I approach every Emmy nominations is, I start with who was nominated last year and then I work from there,” Montgomery explained about his successful predix. “Because there’s always a lot of repeats, there’s always a lot of inertia. When someone starts getting nominated, they usually keep getting nominated. And if someone hasn’t been nominated, it’s usually harder and harder for them to get in.”

Dixon’s advice for how he did so well? “You know, we always say don’t make last-minute changes. I actually did that this year. Over the past week, I’ve been changing a lot of things, taking things out, putting things in, and then I would change my mind. But of the changes that I kept, they ended up working for me. I took out ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ last week and I put in ‘Silicon Valley,’ which was a 100/1 shot.”

Of Beachum’s final changes, he told us, “I put in ‘Downton Abbey’ just in the last three or four days. For people that love that show, there’s no other show on TV they like as much. So, I should have followed suit and put some more of the actors in, because Jim Carter I think has bit me every year. And Michelle Dockery I didn’t think was gonna continue on with all the dramatic actresses these days.”

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