Will ‘Empire’ rule at Emmys?

It’s been four years since a network TV show was nominated as Best Drama Series, and a decade since Fox’s “24” actually won. Can worldwide phenomenon “Empire” break into the tough Drama Series race and save network TV at the Emmys? Gold Derby’s forum posters actually think it’ll happen. Scroll down to read their passionate pleas.

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mikeboy898: How awesome would it be to have Viola Davis, Kerry Washington and Taraji P. Henson all nominated for lead actress Emmys? But regardless I am SO excited about this show!

eastwest: Two eps in and I’m sold. They did prestige and upstanding with “The Butler” and now they are going ratchet soap (“Boom boom Kitty” for the win) and I love it! Such range and such a fun show. It looks great

espnfan: I also think there is more to enjoy in the show than just Taraji P. Henson.  Yes her performance is everything on the show, but she is not the only reason I’m enjoying the show. Terrence Howard has been pretty good as Lucious Lyon. Him and Henson have some really great chemistry. Their scenes together are some of the best on the show.

Atypical: I should also mention how strong the music is for the series so far. Timbaland might be hip hop’s T Bone Burnett lol. “Keep It Movin'” is a hot one that could easily be on the radio today, just like “No Apologies” from earlier. Rosemary Rodriguez has directed some great episodes for “The Good Wife,” and she brought a classy touch to this episode as well.

Tye-Grr: I love how [Henson] can go for humor and camp and play it dead straight in the same scene, but make it feel completely natural. This is why if you look anywhere on the internet you’ll see that Cookie is already becoming iconic. This is by far the most addictive new show of the season.

GraysWay: DUDE……….tonight’s episode was SOOOOOOOOO good!  I may possibly shed a single tear after next week’s 2 hours season finale!!! Taraji is still killing it, but she needs to really have a major dramatic moment, like a dark prison flashback, to really make it tough on Viola Davis (and Robin Wright, from what I hear) @the Emmys!

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