Will ‘House of Cards’ topple competition at Emmys?

House of Cards” is one of the hottest shows on (or off) TV at the moment, but will its momentum last all the way to this summer’s Emmy nominations for Best Drama Series? Gold Derby’s forum posters are rooting for the Netflix political drama to topple the competition. Scroll down to read their passionate pleas.

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Pieman1994: Jeez… Someone give Michael Kelly a nomination. “Chapter 27” is as great a tape as he’ll ever get. Up front, I believe that the third season of “House of Cards” is easily its best.

RyanShowers: Who else loves the how the writers are putting Claire/Wright to good use this season? Everyone talked about her character’s expansion inSeason 2, but to me Claire felt just as hidden as she was in Season 1, bar Chapter 17. The writers must have started planning this season after Robin Wright won the Golden Globe. Claire is actually relevant to the plot in Season 3, and Wright has equal screentime to Kevin Spacey. I love it!

moviefan61794: Robin Wright killed it this season. As the poster above mentioned, picking the Best Actress in a Drama Series this year will be near impossible. Hell, picking six nominees will even prove to be difficult.

Dallas: I thought this was by far the strongest season of “House of Cards” yet. I haven’t really left my sofa all day today…watched all 13 episodes in a row. What a brilliant showcase for Robin Wright. Hands down the MVP. I could see her submitting Chapter 28, 32, or even 39 for her submission tape.

Sirius: Showing the Underwoods on a defensive side rather than being on the offense like S1 and S2 was a good decision in my opinion since they are now protecting the empire that they have been building for two seasons + the scenes with Claire and Frank were the best bits of the season, they are more than ever the heart of the show.

1874: I think this is the best season yet and could win series, actor, supporting actor, actress and directing if Netflix chooses episode submissions wisely.

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