Will ‘The Last Man on Earth’ and star Will Forte be first at Emmys?

Can Fox’s new breakout hit “The Last Man on Earth” take down five-time champ “Modern Family” as Best Comedy Series? Gold Derby’s forum posters are hopeful that we’ll see multiple nominations for this high-concept show, from the cast to the directors and writers. Scroll down to read their passionate pleas.

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Tye-Grr: Did anyone else watch “The Last Man On Earth” tonight? It was hilarious! Will Forte was comedic gold, but also had a surprising amount of heart.

Pieman1994: I loved it. The pilot is one of the best in long, long time, especially for a comedy. Forte and Kristen Schaal are dynamite. I definitely hope we get more from Phil Lord and Chris Miller, seeing as they’re probably the best comedy directors working today. With the new Emmy rules, I can see both leads getting nominations. This could really go the distance. Anyway, I’m very excited to see where this goes.

DominicCobb: This show is fantastic! Can’t believe a comedy so fresh and original is on network TV.

SxECanadianFanSxE: Outstanding direction in the pilot! So meticulous and well-edited.

nahborghi: The first episode was amazing, but I’m not sure if the show will work with Carol in it. Can this somehow be a figment of his imagination? An escape mechanism in a near-death scenario? It would be interesting if it ended up being something like this. Will Forte is so great in this though. The Pilot is a tremendous tape for him, hilarious and touching.

Awardsfunyay: I really hope Emmy voters are watching this!!! I think Forte has a chance, but it might be hard for Kristen Schaal to break into lead actress because that is so packed. However, a previous nominee like January Jones might do well in supporting!

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