Top 24 User Victor Rodriguez Redondo predicts Emmys: ‘Mad Men’ vs. ‘Game of Thrones’

Last year, our user Victor Rodriguez Redondo did so well at predicting the Emmy nominations — 22nd place out of more than 2,500 predictors — that he’s now featured in a league along with the other Top 24 Users to predict this year’s Emmy noms.

Average Gold Derby users just like YOU often turn out to be our smartest prognosticators, so it’s important that you give us your predictions. Your picks influence our User racetrack odds, which also factor into our official combined odds. The Top 24 Users did the best at predicting last year’s Emmy nominations (78.55%) when competing against Gold Derby’s Editors (77.68%), all Users (74.78%) and the Experts (74.64%). Which group will come out victorious this year?

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“So, right now, I’m between ‘Mad Men‘ and ‘Game of Thrones‘,” Redondo tells us.

“‘Mad Men’ because it is their last season and the voters might want to vote for it one last time. So far this season is going great and I hope the finale lives to my expectations. That being said, if it gets fewer nominations than last year and doesn’t get in the writing or directing categories, then I won’t think it can win, so that’s going to be their biggest challenge.

“Now, ‘Game of Thrones’ initially I was not even gonna put it in my nominations list because the fourth and fifth books were quite a drop in quality compared to the previous three, especially the fourth which, in my opinion, is quite bad and is what this season is mainly focusing on. Despite that, the writers have changed things from the book for the better and the stories are going fast, which was the main problem with the book — it was very slow. Also, Season 5 seems to be a magical number for quality shows that have not won the Drama Series Emmy lately (’24,’ ‘The Sopranos,’ ‘Breaking Bad’).

“Many people say ‘House of Cards‘ is going to win. Personally, I strongly disagree that it’s going to win because, despite being a good show, I feel it is also very overrated just for the fact that its two stars are movie actors. There are so many better shows that I think could be nominated instead of ‘House of Cards,’ including ‘The Americans,’ ‘Bloodline,’ ‘Rectify,’ ‘Justified’ and ‘The Good Wife.’ Plus, this season was not even as good as the first two. I have a feeling voters want to wait for the right time to reward this show (Season 5 maybe).

“Two possible dark horses to win could be ‘Orange is the New Black‘ and ‘Better Call Saul.’ ‘OITNB’ could win the main category because it really is a brilliant show (very hot too) and now that it’s in the right category (in my opinion) it doesn’t have the problem of being too dramatic. Also, the comedy is not laugh out loud funny, so the voters will take it seriously.

“‘Better Call Saul’ could win just because it is ‘Breaking Bad’s’ successor. Plus, there was very high expectations for that same reason but it managed to not be a letdown and has become a very good show. Some of the characters we already know and like, so that could help it, too.

“The main problem with both shows is going to be to get nominated, especially ‘Better Call Saul’ since it is its first season, and new shows at the Emmys don’t have as good of a track record as at the Golden Globes. Saying that, even though the Emmys often don’t embrace a show in their first season, the ones that they nominate do win (‘The West Wing,’ ‘Lost,’ ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Homeland’) and with no ‘Breaking Bad’ as the clear winner, who knows!”

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