Emmys cliffhanger: Will voters finally salute ‘The Americans’?

Think you know what’ll be nominated as Best Drama Series at the Emmys? Think again. Gold Derby’s forum posters are convinced that we’re all underestimating FX’s “The Americans” this year. Scroll down to read their passionate pleas.

For first two seasons, “The Americans” only nabbed a trio of Emmy nominations: two for guest star Margo Martindale and one for the show’s main title theme music. The show has yet to break into the Best Drama Series line-up, while the show’s heralded stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys have also come up empty-handed so far. Could all of that change this year, especially as the category has expanded to at least seven nominees and FX just renewed the series for a fourth season?

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unsunganthem: This show was my second favorite from 2014 (second only to “Transparent”). Based on the first three episodes, it will easily be in my top five again! The showrunners are getting a lot more visceral on this show (see the suitcase scene in “Baggage” and the tooth scene in “Open House”). Not surprisingly Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are killing it again with their performances. It is easily the best drama series on television today, in my opinion.

Nessie: Brilliant show. We only started watching it a month ago, caught up on all the old episodes on Amazon and are watching it now as it comes on. I can’t believe either how little attention it has received. It’s extraordinarily well-acted and well-written.

Icky: This was another sly, quietly affecting episode, up till the final five minutes where things got more conventionally exciting. In fact, this was arguably the best episode of the season and possibly the best episode since “Behind the Red Door.” Russell did her strongest work of the season.

Bradderz: Incredible episode of “The Americans” this week. I disagree with those who don’t think it’s among the best in television. Matthew Rhys is giving a performance as good — if not better — than anybody right now. It’s Emmy material.

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