16 hottest forums posts: Did ‘The Americans’ and Lois Smith just jump into the Emmy race?

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The Americans’ episode ‘Do Male Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?’
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Denis: That was a fantastic hour, right to the last second of the episode. When I saw the name Lois Smith at the credits in the opening of the episode it was such excitement. I thought she would play Elizabeth’s mother or something but boy, what a strong Emmy contender right there!

probablyRob: I actually cried twice. Like, tears poring, can’t contain my misery, crying.  I loved it

EmmyLoser: I cried a little, too. I’ve always loved “The Americans,”, but the last few weeks have been excellent, with this week’s episode just being exceptional. Lois Smith and Keri Russell were fantastic.  It’s one of the most vulnerable moments I think I’ve seen with Elizabeth, because she can be a little more candid emotionally with this woman she knows she’s going to kill. So brutal.

Icky: I don’t think I’ve ever cried while watching a movie or TV show. And sorry Nancy’s, but I didn’t cry here either. It was incredibly disturbing and well done. However, this show is pressing the Elizabeth and Phillip face the harsh moral realities of their “lifestyle” button a bit too hard and frequently this season. And them having to off someone practically every episode is becoming too much. Nonetheless, as far as being consistently involving and creative this is the best one yet. And unless the final few episodes are complete trash this will be its best season yet in general.

Lord Freddy Blackfyre: I want Elisabeth to have a very painful death, she’s pure evil. Lois Smith was great.

FrozenBarbie: Lois Smith, in my opinion, gave the best guest actor performance on this show so far. Wow.

thedemonhog: It would be nice if Lois Smith were nominated, especially since that category is so barren. These last few episodes have been at times compelling, which is more than I can say for the earlier episodes this season.  Do not see how it belongs in any best drama conversation though or even one about the best season for this show.

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Baby Clyde: Quentin Tarantino. Not only obnoxious in every concievable way but has also totally run out of ideas and become and complete parody of himself. Django is without a doubt the most objectionable film I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch.

Malick: David O. Russell. Gone are the days of the guy who made Flirting with Disaster and Three Kings, now what we are given are films that ultimately say nothing, while objectifying women in a multitude of ways. He seems to want an Oscar so badly that he is willing to sacrifice his craft. In my opinion, The Fighter marked the line of demarcation.

All-Sweeing Eye: Not a fan of Wes Anderson. I think his quirky humor is annoying and alienating. Grand Budapest Hotel was okay, but I would prefer him to write more human characters.

Carol-Channing: Christopher Nolan‘s problem for me stems from his screenplays. Complicated exposition is hurled at you a million miles an hour, and if you miss something, you’re kinda screwed. And with the way he directs his actors to quickly speed through the dialogue as if it’s nothing, it doesn’t help matters. It’s nice that he doesn’t want to pander to his audience and treat viewers like they’re dumb and need everything spelled out for them, but c’mon. Throw us a bone, here.

Macbeth: James Cameron. I hate this guy very much. Both of his most well-known films – Titanic and Avatar are films I despise with me entire being. Not only that, he is also a terrible man, and his abuse of his wife and his female castmembers is deplorable. He is exploring the deepest depths of the ocean for a documentary – I think he should stay there

Will Eric Stonestreet return to Emmys after snub?’
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Joe: There started to be a discussion about Eric Stonestreet returning to the Supporting Actor category after being snubbed two years in a row after he got his shocking SAG nomination? He currently has a 16/1 chance according to GoldDerby’s predictions, but with people saying that there is Modern Family fatigue and Sofia Vergara and Ed O’Neill getting snubbed last year does anyone think he could still get in?

perfectly weird: I don’t think so… It could happen, but if the Emmys didn’t nominate him when he had the wedding arc I don’t think that they will nominate him now… And the category didn’t get any easier so it’s not like he’s going to have the opportunity to get back in.

AviChristiaans: I believe he can and he will. As the Television Academy has proven time and again, just because a few new and shiny shows come along, doesn’t mean they will drop everything they love and move on to new shows and performances, just because they are new. That’s the difference between Television and Film, and their accompanying awards.

WaltEagle: I’m thinking no. Even if this show somehow keeps winning Comedy Series, it’s time for a shakeup in the comedy categories in general so there’s no point in bringing back someone who is established as out of the nominee field, particularly as more and more and more shows and deserving actors enter the mix. There’s too much love to spread, and Ty Burrell is kinda their guy for this show in terms of unconditional consistent support/nominations.

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