Watch 7 in-depth Emmy chats with Comedy Actor hopefuls: Will Forte, Thomas Middleditch …

Did you miss our exclusive Google Hangout chats with seven of this year’s Emmy contenders for Best Comedy Actor? We’ve listed them all below for your viewing pleasure, including our interviews with Matt LeBlanc (“Episodes“), Anthony Anderson (“Black-ish“), Will Forte (“The Last Man on Earth“), Thomas Middleditch (“Silicon Valley“), Matthew Perry (“The Odd Couple“), Jay Baruchel (“Man Seeking Woman“) and Chris Geere (“You’re the Worst“).

How many of them do you think will earn Emmy nominations?

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Matt LeBlanc on playing a fictional version of himself in “Episodes”: “I approach it like it’s any other character I’ve played and try to give him a soul and a heart; and approach it from a place with no judgement. Because I think, if I look that it is playing myself I would… become self conscious and that’s a pitfall that I don’t want to fall down.”

Anthony Anderson on how his life inspired “Black-ish”: “Kenya is from Inglewood, California. I’m from Compton, California. Both are inner-city hoods here in Los Angeles. We’re both first-generation successful, all of our children being in private school, being the only African-Americans in our neighborhood … So we shared these stories with one another, and six weeks later, Kenya came back to me and said, ‘Anthony, I think I have a show for us to do.'”

Will Forte on whether the audience should root for his character in “The Last Man on Earth”: “Certainly when we went into this pilot, just by its nature, you’re rooting for this guy because you see him all alone and you feel great sympathy for him. But he was never a perfect person and he’s just like every person out there — he’s got his own flaws.”

Thomas Middleditch on how big a stretch it is for him to play an awkward nerd in “Silicon Valley”: “I had to do a lot of research and acting workshops to just try and even fathom what those dweebazoids in Silicon Valley were up to. It was tough because you know I’m such a cool guy and I do cool things like play in ‘Halo’ tournaments.”

Matthew Perry on recreating the classic chemistry of “The Odd Couple”: “The show really hinges on the chemistry between Oscar and Felix. That’s the whole deal. We got really lucky in hiring the great Thomas Lennon to play Felix. The show works and is funny”

Jay Baruchel describes his unusual comedy “Man Seeking Woman”: “It’s a cartoon come to life! You really have no idea what it’s going to be from one scene to the next and who’s going to show up and what crazy stuff is going to happen.”

Chris Geere on playing a cad in “You’re the Worst”: “I think everyone’s got a bit of nasty in them. Whether they choose to reveal it is a different thing.”

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