Top 10 Hottest Forum Posts: Oscar for Hillary Clinton? Emmy for Will Forte?

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No laughing matter: Emmy predictions split between Burgess, Burrell and Hale

1. “If ‘Game of Thrones‘ wins Best Drama Series, directing, and supporting actress, which is very possible and is not even that ambitious a sweep, it would only have to win seven out of its 12 Creative Arts categories, which frankly could happen even if it isn’t gonna take series.”
nkb325 (Can ‘Game of Thrones’ break the record for most Emmys won in a single season?, TV Forum)

2. “Naomi Watts, Cate Blanchett, or Kate Winslet maybe. I could definitely see a foreign actress getting the eventual role.”
Final2 (Will Hillary Clinton be an Oscar-winning role and who should play it?, Movies Forum)

3. “I was excited before, but now I’m just quivering with anticipation. I like that I still don’t know what it’s about at all, but I still got the sense of a perfectly Tarantino-esque tone.”
ETPhoneHome (Reaction to “The Hateful Eight” teaser trailer, Movies Forum)

4. “Will Forte for Comedy Actor, with 40/1 chances. He has a dynamite submission that is both funny and emotional, and his show has some support since it got writing and directing nods as well.”
nahborghi (YOUR longshot prediction? What’s your 500 point bet?, TV Forum)

5. “I do think there has been a cultural-phenomenon void left by ‘Breaking Bad,’ something that not even its spin-off, ‘Better Call Saul,’ could fill in its first season. I think the closest the void came to being filled was by ‘Empire,’ but I watched the entire first season and it doesn’t even come close to matching the quality of ‘Breaking Bad’ (beyond the career-best performance by the delightful Taraji P. Henson).”
Gone_Guy (Is GOOD TV Distracting Us From GREAT TV?, TV Forum)

‘Game of Thrones’ will win Emmy according to Editors and Users … but not Experts

6. “The best interstitial of the [latest ‘Key and Peele‘ episode] had to be the one where Jordan thinks that Meryl Streep co-starred in ‘Weekend at Bernie’s.’ Wow lol. But yes, she has been in a few clunkers in her time, and I’d agree that a film that had the trio of Sidney Poitier, Denzel, and Morgan Freeman would win every Oscar in existence.”
Atypical (Official KEY & PEELE Thread – Season 5, TV Forum)

7. “Must-See TV was a fantastic, once in a lifetime era for NBC. I don’t think we’ll ever see a line-up of programming so massively capture the attention of the viewing public. I just think TV serves a different purpose now, and the way people watch TV now doesn’t lend itself to a promotion like MSTV being so massively popular.”
Boidiva02 (The Return of NBC’s Must See TV, TV Forum)

8. “I wish [Kate Harpootlian] had stayed around longer, because I liked her a lot. She was definitely better this week than Derek or Alexia, but the audience hasn’t ever really warmed to her. I think she can come off a little spoiled or stuck up, or it might be the distractingly unnatural hair color. I wish she had stayed.”
EmmyLoser (Official SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Season 12 Thread, Reality TV Forum)

9. “‘Uptown Funk‘ was massive…way bigger than ‘Earned It.’ But MTV doesn’t care about Mark Ronson & Bruno is a past winner who’s in between album cycles. The Weeknd is on a multi hit roll & I could see him doing what Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Fergie did in the Female Video category years ago. Those ladies were so red hot that voters bypassed VOTY nominees/winners to award them.”
DD (Best Male Video, Music Forum)

10. “I wish the Razzies would take some chances. Instead of going after the perennial targets, like Sandler, they should turn their attention to some of the industry’s sacred cows and also all the bad Oscar bait.”
GloFish (2015 Razzie Award Predictions, Movies Forum)

Photo: Bruno Mars, 4th of July in Washington DC, 2015. Credit: REX

Photo: Hillary Clinton speaks at Florida International University, 2015. Credit: MediaPunch/REX

Photo: Will Forte in “The Last Man on Earth.” Credit: Everett/REX

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