If ‘Game of Thrones’ and Jon Hamm don’t win Emmys, our forum posters QUIT!

We asked our forum posters to fill in the blank: “If ___ doesn’t win, I will QUIT the Emmys!”

Our readers have been furiously debating this hot topic. Join in their fiery fight here after reading a sampling of their comments below.

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MissingLink: Everyone watches “Game of Thrones.” If the Emmys don’t reward it this year, I might be over with them. This is it! Now! This is a show with an excellent story, writing, directing, acting, production, etc and most importantly it’s soooo popular.

KylieistBoi: Jon Hamm for Lead Actor. Even if it is a consolation award, I want to see him up there giving a thank you speech after a standing ovation.

ETPhoneHome: I’ll be totally upset if “Silicon Valley” loses to “Modern Family.” I was on board with a “Modern Family” victory, but I was waiting for “Veep” to decide for sure. Then “Silicon Valley” totally surprised me with a brilliant second season.

Marcus Snowden: I’ll be wicked pissed if the “Mad Men” actors, but especially Jon Hamm, who has been nominated 13 times but has yet to win an Emmy, lose yet again.

Vincelette: Sarah Paulson for “American Horror Story: Freak Show.”  Her performance is brilliant. She’s very complex and incredibly exciting as Bette and Dot. And unlike Jessica Lange, she’s actually pretty amazing each season, playing new characters, showing new aspects of her talent.

RyanShowers: Any actor from “The Good Wife,” just because the winning trend will be broken.

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