Will ‘Game of Thrones’ finale ‘Mother’s Mercy’ be Emmy winner for Lena Headey?

In “Mother’s Mercy,” the fifth season finale of “Game of Thrones,” there is upheaval in the north, a potential Emmy-winning confession and the discovery of even more that Jon Snow doesn’t know. Be warned: There are spoilers ahead as I recap the events of the episode and analyze them in terms of this year’s Emmys. 

‘Game of Thrones’ season finale contest: Did you predict bloodbath in ‘Mother’s Mercy’?

Best Moves
1. Sansa Stark runs away from home
It looked like things had backfired for another Stark when she was cornered with a crossbow. However, her weeks of appealing to Reek’s better nature finally paid off and they were able to escape Winterfell by jumping off the wall, into what I can only imagine is an incredibly soft pile of snow or bush.

2. Ramsay Bolton wins the North
All season long we have seen the battle for the north brewing between the Boltons and Stannis Baratheon. After sacrificing his daughter to the God of Light last week, it all come crumbling down for Stannis as half his men deserted him, his wife took her life and Melisandre got the hell out of there. Ramsay and his men took full advantage and broke the burning hearts game for the throne.

3. Cersei Lannister confesses
Being shamed into confessing in front of the whole kingdom was an ordeal for Cersei an she now awaits trial. However, it got her back into the palace with allies and a new member of the king’s guard, That is a much better place for her to regroup than an dark prison cell.

Dumbest Move
Jon Snow was left out in the cold
Jon Snow knew his bold move in bringing the Wildlings to the other side of the wall would ruffle the feathers of the nightwatch. Yet this week, we see him do nothing to change the hearts and minds of those he’s leading. With the stakes so high, he needed to sell the threat of the white walkers. Instead, he talks to his one friend about it and then sends him away. As a result we see the nightwatch stick it to Jon literally by stabbing him in the chest, leaving one of the show’s key players seemingly out of the game.

Emmy Moves
If Lena Headey is nominated for Best Drama Supporting Actress, this episode — with her confession and shaming scene — makes for great Emmy bait to submit; she currently sits in 6th place on Gold Derby’ exclusive odds charts at 12/1. This was the only episode of the 10 this season to be submitted for consideration as Best Drama Writing. The show remains in 3rd place on the Drama Series chart at 5/1 odds. 

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