‘Game of Thrones’ recap: Did ‘High Sparrow’ soar or fall? (Vote now)

In the “High Sparrow” episode of “Game of Thrones” we saw heads roll on the ground and rulers roll between the sheets. So it’s time for my best and dumbest game moves of the week. After reading my recap of the episode, be sure to cast your vote as to whether this four-time nominee for Best Drama Series at the Emmys will finally win this year. Currently, the HBO fantasy epic has odds of 9/2 and sits in second place on our Best Drama Series chart behind only “House of Cards” at 4/1.

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Game of Thrones’ recap: How do you rate ‘The House of Black and White’? (Vote now)

Best moves
1. Margaery Tyrell weds, then beds
Given the history of this game, Margaery deserves the best move for simply not planning a reception after she wed King Tommen. Last week, we saw Cersei Lannister take control of the King’s Council at the court; this week we saw Margaery take control of the King himself between the sheets. By showing young Tommen the pleasures of becoming a man and telling him that he’s the “the sweetest king who ever lived,” she’s then able to plant doubt about his mother Cersei. Not only a “fast” but effective night’s work to get the influence of the King of the Iron Throne.

2. Jon Snow makes the cut
This newly elected Lord Commander has a family with a history of not making the ruthless calls needed to stay in control of the game. This episode we saw Janos Slynt undermine Jon’s authority by hurling abuse at him for being assigned an undesirable post. In response, Jon gets his sword, escorts Janos out and puts his head on the floor. This affirms Jon has position of power that demands respect; particularly in the eyes of heavy hitter Stannis Baratheon, who saw this strong act of leadership unfold.

3. Arya Stark tries to lose face
In her quest for revenge and leverage in the game, Arya has taken upon herself the task of becoming a faceless person under the tutelage of Jaqen H’ghar in the house of Black and White. In order to do so, she has to be prepared to give up everything she owns and in a bold move throws all her stuff in the waters of Braavos. However, she does hide her trusty weapon Needle under some rocks in case she’s ever in need of it. That could hold up her training but also could come in handy.

Dumbest move
Tyrion Lannister caught with his pants down
Arriving in Volantis with a price on his head, Tyrion decides to go against the advice of Varys and stretch his legs, among other things. This brings them to a brothel, where Tyrion goes off to urinate  and is captured by former advisor to Daenerys, Jorah Mormont, who says he is going to be taken to the Queen. Now Tyrion was heading to Daenerys anyway (assuming that’s the Queen Jorah has in mind), but arriving under duress gives him much less leverage than arriving with Varys on your own terms, where he will be arriving less prepared.

Emmy move
While not a strong submission episode, the ending with Tyrion sets the stage for what could be a captivating arc for the character. The man who plays him, past winner Peter Dinklage, currently sits in first place to take out the Emmy for Best Drama Supporting Actor with 10/3 odds at Gold Derby. Do you think he can win again this year? Click on his picture on the right carousel to make your prediction.

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