‘Game of Thrones’ recap: Did ‘Sons of Harpy’ deliver the goods? (Vote now)

In “Sons of Harpy,” the third episode of “Game of Thrones,” the Cersei/Margaery power struggle continued, while Tyrion edged closer to meeting the mother of Dragons. Ater reading my best and dumbest game moves of the week, be sure to cast your vote as to whether this four-time nominee for Best Drama Series at the Emmys will finally win this year. Currently, the HBO fantasy epic has odds of 9/2 and sits in second place on our Best Drama Series chart behind only “House of Cards” at 4/1.

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Best Moves:
1. Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish is a betting man
“Even the most dangerous men can be outmaneuvered” according to Littlefinger. In this episode we learn his next move in his game amongst dangerous men. He has arranged for Sansa Stark to marry Ramsay Bolton in Winterfell. He thinks a good betting man would expect Stannis to take the North and when he does he’ll “rescue” Sansa from the Boltons, installing her as warden of the north and thus providing a path for Littlefinger to be on the winning team. However, even if he’s wrong she will be in a position to influence the Boltons and he’s set up a powerful alliance in the game. This shows Littlefinger is not only a betting man, but a man who knows how to hedge his bets.

2. Cersei Lannister becomes a brother’s keeper
Last week, Margaery Tyrell gained influence with King Tommen. This week, Cersei fought back by using her leadership of the council to have “The High Sparrow” soldiers arrest the patrons of Littlefinger’s brothel including Margaery’s brother Loras. That was a setback for her struggle for control in King’s Landing.

3. Jorah Mormont sets sail with cargo
Last season, Jorah was exiled by Daenerys Targaryen after she discovered his history of spying. Now we have seen him kidnap Tyrion in an attempt to win her trust back. Will it work? As Tyrion points out, possibly not. But Jorah painted himself into such a corner last season he needs to make a big move, such as coming back to Dany with a Lannister in tow. 

Dumbest Move
Ser Barristan Selmy takes on one too many
This was a noble and heroic move from Barristan for sure. But you win or you die in the Game of Thrones and (I assume) he did the latter by joining a battle, worthy of Anchorman, and where he was vastly outnumbered. Now Daenerys will be down a key advisor moving forward. The good news for her is she has some strong alternates in the form of Jorah, Tyrion and Varys (I assume) on the way.

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Emmy Move
The “Game of Thrones” team is somewhat selective in who they submit for Emmy consideration. However, with Ser Barristan’s likely exit from the show, Ian McElhinney, is now eligible for the guest category. With such a heroic scene to end his arc and a nice monologue with Dany, perhaps this actor has an outside shot if submitted.

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