Emmy naysayers are wrong: ‘Game of Thrones’ CAN win Best Drama Series (Just ask ‘Lost’)

The general consensus amongst Emmy watchers this year seems to be that “Game of Thronesdeserves to win Best Drama Series, but that it can’t win because it’s full of fantasy elements like dragons, white walkers and shape-shifters.

But we all seem to be forgetting what happened 10 years ago, when “Lost” won Best Drama Series for its breakout first season that featured polar bears, hallucinations and a mysterious smoke monster. If “Lost” can win, what’s stopping “Game of Thrones”?

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Arguably, “Game of Thrones” has even more support in the TV academy than “Lost” ever did. “GoT” has been nominated for the top Drama Series prize four times in a row, while the latter was unceremoniously snubbed following its triumphant Emmy win. (“Lost” returned to the Drama Series line-up for its final three seasons, but never won again.)

In terms of total Emmy wins, “Game of Thrones” is a favorite amongst voters with 14 victories so far. “Lost,” by comparison, only won 10 Emmys across its entire six-season run.

As for acting wins, both shows scored a single trophy over their first four seasons: Peter Dinklage for “GoT” Season 1 and Terry O’Quinn for “Lost” Season 3. Michael Emerson would join O’Quinn in the winner’s circle for the fifth season of “Lost,” which begs the question, is “GoT” due for another acting win this year?

According to Gold Derby’s combined predictions, the “Game of Thrones” performers most likely to win an Emmy this year are supporting actor Dinklage (7/2 odds), guest actress Diana Rigg (5/1 odds) and supporting actress Lena Headey (14/1 odds). See our complete Emmy rankings here.

In the race for Best Drama Series, “Game of Thrones” is tied with “House of Cards” for second place on our chart. Both have 11/2 odds of winning, behind leading contender “Mad Men” in first place at 9/2. Click here to make your own Emmy predictions.

What do you think, Derbyites? Did “Lost’s” breakthrough Emmy victory pave the way for future genre shows like “Game of Thrones”? Or will the HBO fantasy epic go down in flames much like the victims of Daenerys’ dragons? Sound off in the comments section below.

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