‘Game of Thrones’ hot topic: Was ‘Hardhome’ the best episode in show’s history?

“This episode was, hands down, a series best,” declares Gold Derby user Pieman1994 in our “Game of Thrones” forum about Sunday’s episode, titled “Hardhome.” “Everything worked, and that end sequence is one of the most solidly directed pieces the show has ever done. If the next two episode are near that quality, ‘Game of Thrones’ will be crazy competitive for Best Drama Series.”

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Who will die on ‘Game of Thrones’? See exclusive predictions

Surpriselover: That was incredible! I don’t think that I even blinked for 20 minutes that is going to win Emmys! Does anyone know what they’re submitting for directing … because I think it should be “Hardhome.”

Denis: That was just unbelievable!

ValarMorghulis: I was glued to the TV for that hour. Oh, I like the Nights’ King, too.

Nick Spake: And now I have a fourth reason why “Game of Thrones” is winning Best Drama.

Cobalt Blue: First A episode of the season! One of my favorite “GoT” episodes, period.

Atypical: That “Hardhome” battle just elevated the action sequence to the level of art. Now let’s start legitimately talking Emmys.


ProbablyROB: I know I criticize this show a lot but that may have been my favorite episode of TV since “Decoy” from “Justified.” Finally, four years of exposition paid itself off if only in tiny increments. You “GoT” fans were right. That was worth a lot of drudgery.

24Emmy: Epic battle scene. I’ll be watching that again and again. Strong Emmy tape.

Marcus Snowden: That battle scene was just… holy sh!t! And we all know that Episode 9 next week is gonna kill.

Icky: The action wasn’t overdrawn, and the effects were legit. What really made it work however was that this was a pretty solid episode before the Walkers came to the party. If I was still emotionally invested in the show this would have left an even bigger impression, but that it still riled me up as much as it did is a testament to its strength.

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‘Game of Thrones’ contest: Did you predict onslaught of white walkers in ‘Hardhome’?

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