‘Game of Thrones’ recap: Was ‘The Gift’ what we wanted?

In “The Gift” episode of “Game of Thrones,” we had two houses finally meet while the tables turned on a former Queen. So it’s time for my best and dumbest game moves of the week. After reading my recap of the episode, be sure to make your own predictions in our “GoT” prediction contest and you could win our prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so start now by scrolling down and predicting who will die next.

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Best Moves:
1. The High Sparrow gets the best perch
With the Tyrells behind bars, the High Sparrow was able to get unchecked authority from the Queen Mother, Cersei. At the end of the episode using that mandate against her was a stroke of genius. With Tywin dead, Tyrion and Varys on the run as well as Margaery and Cersei behind bars there is a real power vacuum in the capitol and in a couple of swift moves the High Sparrow has been able to fill it.

2. Jorah Mormont goes Gladiator
By taking on and beating all the fighters, Jorah was able to get Dany’s attention and Tyrion coming out as ‘the gift’ was enough to get him a hearing. After weeks of work, and hurdles along the way, Jorah was finally able to deliver his captive Lannister to his Queen. Next week we’ll have to see if he has another move to get back in her good graces.

3. Stannis Baratheon plays it forward
Marching forward in the snow is a risky move. But to stake a claim in the game of thrones you have to be playing to win. Stannis’ “we march to victory or we march to defeat” philosophy does just that. And with all the King’s Landing upheaval, it could be a good time to strike. Now we have to wait and see what decision he makes regarding the sacrifice of his daughter, and how that could affect his game moving forward.

Dumbest Move:
Cersei Lannister is hoisted by her own petard
By granting authority to the religious sect Cersei was able to get a leg up on Margaery Tyrell who was arrested last week for lying about knowledge of her brother’s homosexuality. However, this week it was revealed that Cersei’s move lacked serious forethought because it left her open to the same “religious” scrutiny. And sleeping with one’s relatives does not hold up particularly well in that regard. The High Sparrow turned the tables on her and now she has to suffer the same fate as what she served up for her chief rival the week before.

Emmy Move:
With two strong scenes in her second episode of the year, Diana Rigg (Olenna Tyrell) has cemented her place to get her third guest actress nomination in a row for her role here. On Gold Derby’s charts she is currently in third place with 5/1 odds of prevailing.

‘Game of Thrones’ death watch: Are Stannis, Ramsay, Brienne in danger of dying next?

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