‘Game of Thrones’ recap: Did ‘Kill the Boy’ kill for fans? (Vote now)

In the “Kill the Boy” episode of “Game of Thrones” we had barking dogs, fire breathing dragons and attacking stone men. So it’s time for my best and dumbest game moves of the week. After reading my recap of the episode, be sure to make your own predictions in our “GoT” prediction contest and you could win our prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so start now by scrolling down and predicting who will die next.

Who will die on ‘Game of Thrones’? See exclusive predictions

Best Moves:
1. Jon Snow starts to grow
After listening to Maester Aemon, Jon decides to grow up and lead with a grand vision. He forges an alliance with Wildling leader Torment Giantsbane and then secures ships from Stannis Baratheon in order to solidify the alliance. It’s not popular with Jon’s people and the Wildlings are not going to find it any more palatable, but it shows Jon is prepared to make the tough calls in order to prepare himself for the winter that’s coming.

2. Daenerys fires up her dragons
Although she’s been stuck in Meereen the whole season, Dany’s game has been all over the map, from wanting trials to public executions and ruffling feathers of those she is trying to rule. However, this episode she put her most under-utilized assets to work: her dragons. By burning one of the family leaders she is showing that she is not someone to be messed with, and taking the reigns back of her game. Her subsequent plan to marry Hizdahr seems less sound, but part of me thinks she isn’t showing all her cards and has something else in store.

3. Sansa Stark withstands a reek
So much is getting thrown at Sansa Stark: she’s been told if in trouble she can light a candle in a window, she’s been confronted by her former adopted brother formerly known as Theon Greyjoy (now called Reek); and teased by her betrothed Ramsay Bolton. Sometimes the best move you can make is play an under the radar game, by sitting there and graciously taking in the information. By doing this she is reading those around her and her situation, keeping all options open. This puts her in a great position to make a well considered move in a future episode.

Dumbest Move:
Jorah Mormont gets stoned
So, taking Tyrion through the ancient city of Valyria to avoid the superstitious pirates sounded like a solid plan. But perhaps pirates weren’t avoiding the past Targaryen stronghold out of superstition but rather that there are exiled stone men that attack you and are highly contagious residing there. They catch Jorah when his guard is down, Tyrion almost dies and Jorah gets infected with the stone men’s condition (Greyscale). At least he’s not on “The Walking Dead”!

Emmy Moves:
With Tyrion on his way and a scheme in the works involving a marriage, the board seems set up for some juicy Daenerys Targaryen material later in the season. Could that break Emilia Clark back into the Emmy race this year? Currently at Gold Derby she is a real dark horse to win Best Drama Supporting Actress with 100/1 odds.

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