‘Game of Thrones’ death watch: Are Stannis, Ramsay, Brienne in danger of dying next?

In “Game of Thrones,” death comes to both heroes and villains and to members of all houses, high or low. Death comes by the hand of foes, family members, former lovers or the undead, and during war, at weddings or while using the bathroom. Death often comes at the most unexpected time, in the least expected way. It’s with that understanding that, although the last two episodes have featured no deaths according to our three main categories, predictions about who will die should not be taken lightly.

While there are many characters in precarious situations right now, there are three I find to be most in danger and I think that at least one of them will meet the gods (the old or the new) by season’s end. Hurry — make your own predictions for Sunday’s episode, titled “Hardhome,” and you could win our prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate. It’s fun and easy, so start now by scrolling down and predicting who will die next.

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Stannis Baratheon
Although a tested war veteran, Stannis is at a significant tactical disadvantage marching his army toward Winterfell in the midst of a snowstorm. Should his army reach the Bolton stronghold by season’s end — and precedent reminds us that the showrunners love a battle-centric episode late in the season — we should expect there to be casualties … and those Boltons love to kill. Gold Derby odds of dying: 100/1

Ramsay Bolton
Unlike Stannis, Ramsay is not a tested warrior. Ramsay’s wars are fought behind closed doors where he can coerce, force and shame his foes into submission. If war reaches the walls of Winterfell, Ramsay will be expected to defend his would-be territory, but the likelihood that he wins in physical combat against anyone is slim. For audiences, Ramsay’s death would bring some vengeance to the list of atrocities that have accumulated to a feverish pitch this season. Gold Derby odds of dying: 20/1

Brienne of Tarth
Whether war comes to Winterfell or not, outside its walls waits Brienne, a proven fighter with an aggressive duty to protect Lady Catelyn’s children. With the flicker of a single candle in the highest tower, Brienne will surely find her way into the fort to rescue Sansa, putting her own life in severe danger. But a Winterfell housed with Boltons isn’t the only Winterfell that puts Brienne at risk — she also has unfinished business with Stannis. Don’t forget that Brienne blames Stannis for Renly’s untimely death and has vowed to avenge it. I can’t think of anything more exciting than another finale that involves Brienne in one-on-one combat with one of the greatest fighters in Westeros. Gold Derby odds of dying: 14/1

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