Vote for your favorite (and bitchiest) Derbyites in our new awards

Finally, this website that’s so obsessed with awards will bestow kudos upon ourselves! Yes, even you can be a nominee or winner.

Hurry up and cast your votes for our new Derbyite Awards to determine Funniest Derbyite, Best Forums Debater, Breakthrough Forum Poster of the Year, Bitchiest Derbyite, Best Expert, Best Editor and more. Nominations will be unveiled on April Fool’s Day. Winners to be unveiled on April 21.

To cast your vote, click here to go to our Predictions Center, click on “Derbyite Awards,” scroll down on that page and click on one of the category boxes. Choose up to 10 nominees by typing in their Screen Names, User Names or real names. You can even vote for yourself. Hey, such selfishness worked for Barbra Streisand, who was a member of the academy when she won Best Actress for “Funny Girl” in 1968, tying Katharine Hepburn (“The Lion in Winter”). Assuming she didn’t foolishly back one of her competitors, she has herself to thank for her career-making victory.

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Our categories:

Derbyite of the Year
Lifetime Achievement Award
Breakthrough Forum Poster of the Year
Most Entertaining Forum Poster
Most Dedicated Fanboy/Fangirl
Best Forums Poster
Best Forum Debater
Bitchiest Derbyite
Nicest Derbite
Funniest Derbyite
Best TV Forums Poster
Best TV Reviewer
Best Film Forum Poster
Best Film Reviewer
Best Music Forum Poster
Best Music Reviewer
Best Editor
Best Expert
Best Avatar
Best Signature Photo

To find out more information on your favorite users, click the gold “Find Users” link at the top of every Gold Derby page, type in their screen names and read their profiles.

Users are also encouraged to visit our forums and shamelessly campaign for support from your fellow posters.

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It might be a good idea, for instance, to vote for melobruceiam, or else:

Meanwhile, Kyle Bailey took a page out of Melissa Leo‘s Oscar-winning playbook:

But our users aren’t (only) about self-promotion. Posters like Vincelette hopes you’ll consider other standout derbyites:

Even Gold Derby editor Marcus Dixon is getting in on the action:

However, Dixon is my rival for Best Editor, so obviously you shouldn’t listen to anything he says.

Once you’re done voting for nominees, stick around in our predictions center to enter your picks for awards contests like the Emmys, ACM Awards, and MTV Movie Awards. You can also make your predictions for reality shows like “Dancing with the Stars,” “Survivor,” and “The Amazing Race,” where you can win a $100 Amazon gift certificate every week if you have the best score.

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