Hurry — start nominating now for the 1st Annual Derbyite Awards!

For years Gold Derby’s users, experts, editors and forum posters have endlessly predicted who’ll win awards and events. Now it’s time to honor THEM. We’re happy to announce the 1st Annual Derbyite Awards, kudos that celebrate our best, brightest, funniest, craziest and even bitchiest.

We’ve come up with 20 categories (see below), but we need YOUR votes to determine the 10 nominees in each race. Click here to start nominating your faves.

Join the fiery discussion in Gold Derby’s forum

To find out more information on your favorite users, click the gold “Find Users” link at the top of every Gold Derby page, type in their screen names and read their profiles.

Potential nominees are encouraged to campaign here in the forums with photos, banners, colorful speeches, fake FYC ads, etc. in an effort to sway votes their way. Nothing will be off-limits — have fun with these hot races.

Derbyite of the Year

Lifetime Achievement Award

Breakthrough Forum Poster of the Year

Most Entertaining Forum Poster

Most Dedicated Fanboy/Fangirl

Best Forums Poster

Best Forum Debater

Bitchiest Derbyite

Nicest Derbite

Funniest Derbyite

Best TV Forums Poster

Best TV Reviewer

Best Film Forum Poster

Best Film Reviewer

Best Music Forum Poster

Best Music Reviewer

Best Editor

Best Expert

Best Avatar

Best Signature Photo

MTV Movie Awards: Will Jennifer Lawrence win four in a row? (Cast your vote)

We are forecasting everything from the results on reality TV shows like “Survivor,” “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Amazing Race” to the body count on “The Walking Dead” to the winners of the Emmys. Click on any box to bring up that event and get started.

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