See more desperate FYC ads for Derbyite Awards: ‘Vote for me!’

If you missed the first batch of hilarious For Your Consideration ads from our nominees hot on the Derbyite Awards campaign trail, be sure to click here. Today, we’re bringing you another selection of FYC ads from our forum. Hurry — make your predictions now before voting for the 1st Derbyite Awards closes April 21.

Nominees for first annual Derbyite Awards announced

Among some of the many great campaign ads from the must-see FYC thread are:

(Campaigning for Derbyite of the Year)


Ain’t No Elitist
(Campaigning for Breakthrough Poster)


MarcusJamesDixonHey, that’s me!
(Campaigning for Funniest Derbyite)


(Campaigning for Best Avatar)


(Campaigning for Music Forum Poster of the Year)

Please consider me for Music Forum poster of the year. Well, just because! But seriously, I have posted at Gold Derby, in its several forms, for a long, long time and truly appreciate and respect (most) of the posters and relationships I have built over the years. It is truly a comfortable place for me and I look forward to many more years of posting!

(Campaigning for Derbyite of the Year)

Okay, so I don’t have any fancy pictures or graphics, and as an English major, I thought I’d write a little bit about why you should consider me. I don’t like talking about myself or being too vain, so this feels very weird – but I don’t normally win, mainly because I don’t put myself out there enough, so here goes. Read on …

Desperate to win Derbyite Awards: LOL at our users’ FYC ads

Have you made your decisions yet? What are you waiting for, Derbyites? Start voting now, as there are only a couple weeks left.

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