Golden Globe nominations: Forum posters rave about Maura Tierney & Melissa McCarthy, rant about Jonathan Banks snub

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The Golden Globe nominations sparked strong responses in our forums — their reactions from the gamut from “thrilled” to “weird” to “train wreck.”

The nominees who elicited the most passionate reactions include Maura Tierney‘s surprise supporting TV bid for “The Affair,” the category-hopping Alicia Vikander (“The Danish Girl“) and Rooney Mara (“Carol“) and the surprise strength of “Spy,” “Trumbo,” “Outlander” and “Narcos,” among others.

They’re also perplexed by yet another snub of the supporting actors in “Spotlight,” as well as the absence of Jonathan Banks (“Better Call Saul“) and Netflix’s “Sense8.”

Read below to find out what our forum posters thought, then click here to join them in debating the TV nominations and click here to dish the film ones.

Golden Globes 2015: Complete list of nominations


jacob121: So I have actually had Mara in lead for almost the entire race and I am still almost certain that she will be nominated there but now I am thinking of ALSO moving over Vikander and *gasp* pushing out Jennifer Lawrence.

manakamana: I can overlook the weird “Trumbo” love as long as they keep giving “Carol” steam. I wonder if some people will still hold out on predicting it to make an Oscar splash after leading the noms today.

FreemanGriffin: Thrilled about “Room‘s” three noms for BP Drama, Actress Drama, and Screenplay! Thrilled about Bryan Cranston! Wondering aloud: are [“Spotlight” co-stars] Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo cancelling each other out?

Vincelette: Melissa McCarthy‘s and “Spy‘s” nominations are two of the MOST DESERVING NOMINEES EVER in the comedy field. Well done!

ColinWesley: “Spotlight’s” insane little everyone-in-supporting experiment is rather backfiring. It’s one thing to have only two contenders like “Carol,” who successfully got both in, but “Spotlight’s” got not only Keaton and Ruffulo cancelling each other out, but also Liev Schreiber, John Slattery, Brian d’Arcy James and Stanley Tucci. If they moved Keaton or Ruffulo to Best Actor then one or both would have a better chance.

KubrickFan98: I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again with more confidence. Michael Shannon is shaping up to be the John Hawkes of this awards season. I think I’ll take Keaton out and put the new Michael in. Also, this means that Sly is probably the front runner to win, which is well deserved.

KyleBailey: I think Jennifer Jason Leigh can take [Best Film Supporting Actress for “The Hateful Eight“]. If not I can only see Mirren or Winslet taking it but I’m not confident in them winning. Vikander could pull an upset if they want to reward her for both movies as a push having that double support

NateDoggg: “Carol” did much better than I expected it to do with this group, nabbing Picture and Director nods and leading the pack with five nominations overall. And it looks like “The Big Short” does need to be taken more seriously, even though the comedy field was fairly open. I’m going to discount the “Mad Max” and “The Martian” nominations, for now, to see if there is more of a sweep from other groups in the next few weeks. I’m relieved that the “Trumbo” love is more widespread, but sorry to see “Suffragette” shut out again.

CAROL-CHANNING: I just don’t understand how anyone could see “Room” and vote for it in other categories and yet NOT nominate Jacob Tremblay.  He was the single best part of ANY aspect of the movie.

Golden Globe snubs: Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Michael Keaton


AMG: Such a mixed bag. Maura Tierney being nominated in the catch-all Supporting Actress category is possibly my favourite nomination from the TV side. “Narcos” and “Mr. Robot” both slightly surprising but deserved nods! Man they love Alan Cumming, don’t they?

KyleBailey: YES MAURA TIERNEY! This proves that the Globes are far better at actually watching these shows and honoring true stand outs rather than name checking everyone and their mother from “Game of Thrones” for Supporting Actress.

Amice Marie Richard: I love the nomination for Eva Green and great to see Maura Tierney being nominated for “The Affair.” But no Jonathan Banks, no “Better Call Saul,” but “Outlander” for the second half of that season? I guess, the HFPA wanted to make sure that they have enough viewers for their ceremony.

Tony_DiMeo: The fact that both the Globes and SAG nominated Bob Odenkirk but not Banks for “Better Call Saul” proves they didn’t actually watch the show but they just like the lead a lot or they want to look like they do because he is popular. If they had actually watched every episode of the show they woud have seen his incredible performance in the “Five-O” episode which should have won him an emmy and should win him a Golden Globe.

jjjmoss: Nine years in a row of East Asian actors apparently being just an imaginary thing to the Golden Globe voters.

Cobalt Blue: Getting harder and harder to take the TV Globes seriously. It’s just so skewed towards new shows now. In what universe are those five the best dramas on TV? Their WINNING drama last year, “The Affair,” is almost certainly better this season, and it doesn’t even get a nomination now.  Says it all.

Mrs. Doolittle: What a train wreck these nominations are. Pleased that “Veep” finally made it in the Comedy Series race and that Julia Louis-Dreyfus may finally win a long overdue Globe for this role, but other than that I seriously can’t.

leothescorpio: Apart from “Outlander” getting in and “Sense8” getting nothing, I’m really happy about all these. So well deserved. I want “Mr. Robot” to clean house next month! Drama Actress is Caitriona Balfe vs Taraji P. Henson. Their shows have a series nod which automatically puts them out front. Pull through Cookie!

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Spy” photo credit: 20th Century Fox

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