Golden Globe TV nominations: Our prediction contest leader ‘baffled’ by Sam Heughan’s ‘Outlander’ snub

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“I’ve been coming to Gold Derby for years, but this is actually the first year I’m in the predicting game myself,” says Christy Moerkerken (screen name Christy-m), Gold Derby’s top scorer predicting the 2015 Golden Globes TV nominations. Moerkerken had an impressive 72% prediction accuracy and a 13,760 point total predicting this contest at Gold Derby, beating all of our Experts, Editors and Users combined. “Getting the top score came as a really pleasant surprise!”

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Moerkerken hails from Belgium where she owns a store called “The Bigger Picture,” an art gallery that specializes in modern and contemporary art, design and film books. “Because of my love for movies, there is also a clear link to movies and film stars in a large selection of our artwork,” she explains.

This reader’s winning percentage accuracy and point total is the result of predicting 38 correct nominations across 11 categories. By placing her 500 point bet on TV Comedy Actor and predicting four nominees correctly — Aziz Ansari (“Master of None”), Jeffrey Tambor (“Transparent”), Rob Lowe (“The Grinder”) and Patrick Stewart (“Blunt Talk”) — Moerkerken earned a whopping 3,000 points in this category alone. That’s why it’s important to always rank the contenders in order of likelihood of winning in Gold Derby’s prediction contests.

We sat down with Moerkerken to see what she thinks of this year’s nominees/snubs and to get a feel for how she did so well making her Golden Globe TV predictions. Here are her juicy secrets:

“The Globes have always embraced the Starz network, whereas they really have a hard time getting in at the Emmys or other award shows. ‘The Missing’ was nominated a bunch of times last year, and a couple of years ago they nominated ‘Boss’ and awarded Kelsey Grammer for the same show. Therefore the ‘Outlander’ love didn’t surprise me, although it really baffles me that they snubbed its star Sam Heughan.

“As far as it comes to prediction secrets for the Golden Globes TV nominations, I guess the most important one in my opinion is that the Globes are not too sentimental when it comes to last year’s winners in order to make room for some new shows. I think the Globes are the ‘easiest’ awards show for a new series to get into, whereas the Emmys and SAG Awards are more conservative and stick with old favorites. Therefore I wasn’t surprised that they suddenly dropped previous winners and critically acclaimed shows such as ‘The Affair,’ ‘House of Cards,’ ‘Downton Abbey’ and ‘Mad Men.’

“The Globes were also the first major award show to welcome shows on streaming platforms, so that’s why I put ‘Narcos’ and its leading actor Wagner Moura in my predictions. It did surprise me a lot though that ‘Master of None’ did not get into Comedy Series — I predicted it to win!

“I also predicted the ‘Mr. Robot,’ Rami Malek and Christian Slater noms kind of for the same reason as why I predicted the recognition for ‘Outlander’ and ‘Narcos.’ It’s a new and critically acclaimed show that doesn’t air on a major network, and the Globes are just quicker in recognizing a show like that.

“One of my best longshot predictions was Jamie Lee Curtis getting in for Best Comedy Actress. That prediction had everything to do with the love affair the Globes seem to have with Ryan Murphy shows. A lot of his stars get nominations at the Globes, like Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and so on. I even went out on a limb and predicated ‘Scream Queens’ to get in for Best Comedy. Unfortunately for me that didn’t work out at all, but you can’t win ’em all, of course.”

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