Golden Globe reactions from our forum posters: ‘Absolutely terrific’ or ‘Awful’?

While the Golden Globes were underway, Gold Derby users were already coming out fast and furious with their reactions in our infamous message boards. Thoughts were (mostly) high on Tina Fey and Amy Poehler‘s hosting performance, and jaws were on the floor with shocking winners.

Read some of our posters’ comments below, then click here to join them in our forums.

Golden Globes: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler winning mix of comedy and commentary

ETPhoneHome: [Amy and Tina have] been killing this opening. Absolutely terrific.

Halo_Insider: MVP for me is the George Clooney joke. 

24Emmy: Congrats J.K. Simmons! Such a stellar character actor.

ETPhoneHome: What? They just can’t get enough of “Downton” can they… [Joanne Froggatt win]

Psychadelicboy33: UGH “Downton Abbey” … Kathy or Uzo should have won.

24Emmy: Yeah! Billy Bob! They really loved “Fargo.”

Halo_Insider: Holy cow. Looks like True Detective is shut out. Loving the Billy Bob win. 

BamaEd: Jeremy Renner with a boob joke on J. Lo. A few surprises so far on the TV side, but there always are. Joanne Froggatt is this year’s Jacqueline Bisset without the drama of getting to stage?

Joe: How awkward was it that they sat the “Transparent” cast and crew next to the “OITNB” cast and crew.

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PianoMann: As much as I wish Julia Louis-Dreyfus would have won this year, Gina gave an absolutely beautiful acceptance speech – many kudos!

GucciThe Golden Globes were very lackluster.

Atypical: Best speeches of the night: Joanne Froggatt (who knew?), George Clooney (hit every note perfectly), Gina Rodriguez (I know nothing about her whatsoever, but after tonight I’d like to), and Wes Anderson (so funny). Michael Keaton was trying it way too hard at the end with the tears. He wants that damn Oscar baaaad.

eastwest: What an awful way to go out for Amy and Tina. The monologue was weak and the North Korea bit was offensive. I do say I like my awards shows with it getting to the point with winners and speeches and this gave me that for the most part, but since it is the Golden Globes, I expect fun and this wasn’t.

Noe: Dammit. Michael Keaton’s speech was better. In defense of [Eddie Redmayne], he was charming and Keaton had like the double of time.

Zayner: Just saw this fun fact: Every TV Winner hadn’t won before! I like that a lot. Unlike the Emmys, Globes like to spread the wealth for the most part.

KMJ1230: Am def. gonna be interested to see all the updated ‘experts’ predictions over the next few days! lol How much you wanna bet that [Amy Adams] (and her line on the prediction graph) is gonna come back from near death?

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