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Last-minute Golden Globe prediction changes – Click here to discuss

babypook: The Globes, who may or may not be becoming less “whorish”, likes to spread the wealth, ala pie in the sky Communism. I’d be really surprised if one film wins a bootload of Globes. As an “upset”, I’m switching from Benedict Cumberbatch or Eddie Redmayne to David Oyelowo. The man is simply magnificent in Selma, as is that ensemble. Never OTT, controlled, subtle, and also charismatic and riveting. It’s worth being “wrong” placing my chip next to him.

Macbeth: We can’t get our hopes up sadly – Boyhood is just one of those things that more people want it to lose than win, yet it still breaks out heart to see it win in the end (like Modern Family every year). I have just grown to accept that Boyhood is going to win, unfortunately. But if three of the four acting frontrunners win (Michael Keaton, Julianne Moore and J.K. Simmons), I will be too euphoric to actually care who wins Best Picture.

GustavoCruzESilva: Speak for yourselves. I am THRILLED at the possibility of an actual GREAT film winning. It’s going to be the best Best Picture winner in over a decade. Plus, also a great feat for Oscarology! When was the last time a movie won having been seen before the previous ceremony??

Halo Insider: I’d much rather something artistically ambitious and emotionally identifiable like Boyhood win than a standard superficial biopic like The Imitation Game. Equating Boyhood with Modern Family is a slap in the face that I think is uncalled for.

TomHardys: I’m shocked to see that the most of you are picking the Jane the Virgin girl to win the Golden Globe for Best Comedy Actress. Huh what? This is not an Ugly Betty situation. Am I the only one who’s going with Taylor Schilling (with Julia Louis-Dreyfus a close second?). I feel like Orange is the New Black OiTNB can sweep and they already have Best Comedy and Best Supporting Actress locked so why not Schlling so they could complete the sweep?

FilmGuy619: No Guts, No Glory picks… Rosamund Pike winning Best Actress, Jake Gyllenhaal for Best Actor, Emma Stone for Best Supporting Actress, and Mark Ruffalo for Best TV Actor if not Best Supporting Actor. There could be a True Detective vote split that causes Ruffalo to take it.

outsider: I have this weird hunch that “Game of Thrones” could win. It came back after a two-year absence, it’s still acclaimed, it’s epic in scope and it’s more popular than ever.

Reactions to BAFTA nominations – Click here to discuss

LionelFox: Amy AdamsBig Eyes! Really??? I guess Marion Cotillard is having a very unfortunate year. I just have to bite my lips and take her out of my prediction for the Best Leading Actress category ’cause now i’m clear that there’s no way the Academy will snub either Jennifer Aniston or Felicity Jones for Cotillard, whose performance, though impressively magnificent and heart-breaking, is not even in an English-speaking movie, not campaigned and of course, not a “breakthrough” one.

Atypical: Rene Russo! Amazing! The “Nightcrawler” love is pretty incredible, and I hope that translates to an Oscar nomination for her somehow. I have no problems keeping Jake Gyllenhaal in my final five in lead actor now. Very surprised that Timothy Spall didn’t make the cut, or Marion Cotillard for that matter. Both of their respective films were nodded elsewhere. Steve Carell in supporting is interesting. Imelda Staunton in for “Pride“! Unexpected love for “Whiplash” here hmmmm.

joesilver: Oh great another filler Amy Adams nomination is coming at the Oscar. Can she just get a nomination when she’s finally winning something? It’s getting tired.

Sasha: Oh, and I love how BAFTA once again overlooked Meryl Streep. They gave her that win for The Iron Lady and after that just stopped nominating her. Something AMPAS is just incapable of.

Will Rene Russo replace Jessica Chastain at Oscars?
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RichardR: Nightcrawler got a PGA nomination a Eddie award nom and a SAG nom for Jake Gyllenhaal. Now Rene Russo got in at Bafta. There seems to be more passionate support for Nightcrawler than for A Most Violent Year. And Nightcrawler has been getting more support from various guilds. I had Jessica Chastain at a 100 to 1 odds but I dropped her.

24Emmy: I had that before the BAFTA nominations and I’m not changing it now. Rene Russo has a really strong chance next week. Voters are looking at Nightcrawler in other categories (Picture, Actor, Screenplay). She can ride in on the love for the movie.

AMG: Meryl Streep should be slotted out of the race in favour of Rene Russo, it’s not going to happen, but she should. The likelihood is that Patricia Arquette is the frontrunner. Emma Stone is in the film that is going to be very high in nominations. Keira Knightley should get wide support because of the film and her performance. Meryl Streep is Meryl Streep. If one is to miss out, then it will, unfortunately, be Jessica Chastain.

msnowden1: I think Streep is a lock. The Academy nominates her for everything. I mean, she’s Meryl Streep. I hope that both Russo and Chastain get nominated as they’re both great in their respective films, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. So, I think that Chastain gets in and Russo (wrongly) gets snubbed.

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